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Amazon EC2

Running the internet business can be tricky. For a business to be successful, a data centre is essential. The use of old data management requires time, demands are unpredictable, need lots of traffic and are costly.

With all these reasons Webuters technologies adopted Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) service. The Amazon EC2 is an Amazon web service delivered via the internet for businesses and companies to access reliable and flexible computing resource. With the provision of virtual computers, companies use EC2 to crunch numbers and only pay for what they use.

Webuters technology comes in handy to collect data from each customer site, and analyses content forwarded among the internet users. The company stores log links on a daily basis and add them to its data warehouse on Amazon service.

The process can take a single computer about 100 hours to do the task, but with Webuters technologies the work can be done within an overnight. Our data analysis handles large files and configures 100 compute hours on the spot. Embracing Amazon EC2 allows companies to have a hassle free management and it is cost effective.

Amazon EC2 allows a virtual computing environment.

Benefits you get with Webuters Technologies Amazon EC2 services

  • We monitor your metrics and give a timely report thus leaving you to concentrate on other matters in your business
  • We offer high-end security for your compute resources
  • With superior feature of Amazon EC2, we give you a robust networking functionality
  • Our team of experts will provide you with a wide range of application to work with Amazon EC2 in conjunction with Amazon S3, Amazon Simple DB among other applications.
  • You will experience high storage density and high input and output instances

For quick and easy management use the Amazon EC2 in your business or company. Webuters technologies will give you a scalable computing capacity in the Amazon Web services. Which help you focus on developing, organising and deploying applications faster. Give us a call or email us today to let us create a robust business for you.