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Autonomy Services

Webuters Technologies back Autonomy’s every product with world-class technical and customer support. That providing with technical assistance that is convenient, proactive and effective. By combining award-winning products with exceptional services and support, Webuters Technologies can help you reduce costs, improve efficiencies and boost both customer satisfaction and bottom-line results.

Autonomy IDOL Server

At the heart of Autonomy’s infrastructure software lies the Intelligent Data Operating Layer (IDOL) Server. The IDOL Server collects indexed data from connectors and stores it in its proprietary structure, optimized for fast processing and retrieval of data.
As the information processing layer, IDOL forms a conceptual and contextual understanding of all content in an enterprise, automatically analyzing any piece of information from over 1,000 different content formats and even people’s interests. Over 500 operations can be performed on digital content by IDOL, including hyperlinking, agents, summarization, taxonomy generation, clustering, eduction, profiling, alerting and retrieval.

IDOL enables organizations to benefit from automation without losing manual control. This complementary approach allows automatic processing to be combined with a variety of human controllable overrides, offering the best of both worlds and never requiring an “either/or” choice.

IDOL integrates with all known legacy systems, eliminating the need for organizations to cobble together multiple systems to support their disparate components.

Autonomy Interwoven TeamSite

The only advanced content management platform in the market for creating, optimizing, and analyzing content across all internally and externally facing Web-based business applications—portals, intranets, marketing Websites, extranets, and self-service applications.

1. Consolidate dozens of Web properties into a single managed environment

2. Empower marketers to create, test, and analyze their own content and Web initiatives

3. Reuse content across e-mail, print, wireless, and the Web for brand consistency

4. Automate content publishing with scheduled no-touch deployment

5. Enforce compliance with e-mail-based workflows and archived Web versions

Autonomy Interwoven LiveSite

A meaning-based, dynamic content delivery and display engine that delivers targeted and interactive content to website visitors.

1. Dynamically delivers relevant content to any type of visitor based on historical data and realtime behavior

2. Personalizes the entire visitor experience and navigation using segmentation and content targeting

3. Provides robust social media capabilities, including polls, forums, RSS feeds, and AJAX support

Autonomy Interwoven OpenDeploy

Aggregates and securely distributes content or code from disparate locations to any destination point in the network.

1.  Pulls content from anywhere and pushes it to any location

2.  Securely deploys content inside and outside the firewall

3.  Ensures control with scheduled fine-grain deployment and rollback

4.  Scales for any size IT environment


Custom on-site training tailored to your needs for IT Administrators, DBAs, and developers.