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Case Study

WordPress and Salesforce Integration

The Background  Our client, a professional window tinting company based in the US, sells their services through website. Some of the client’s services include different types of certifications. The client was manually generating the certificates and mailing it to the customers, but now he wanted to develop a centralized system to generate certificates and send mails automatically. The Challenge  (a) The […]

Customized CRM Solution

The Background  One of our Germany-based clients had developed Blockchain Apps and Software for Enterprises. The client developed the software to start Bitcoin or cryptocurrency exchange. To manage this client wanted a solution from us to manage all the data related to his business from one place. The Challenge  (a) The main hurdle was to keep all the data in one […]

An easy solution to tenants and owners

The Background One of our US-based clients was seeking our help to create a platform to offer and find the apartments on rent. Our client wanted that the process of searching an apartment or offering an apartment for rent should be as seamless as booking a hotel room. The client also wanted to add the rent payment option in the […]

The Salesforce Solution

The Background :  One of our clients was seeking help to get a fully automated system to manage information. The client was manually managing the information on different systems. This made the whole process of fetching information error-prone. Also, the manual process was time and manpower consuming. The Challenge  (a) The main challenge for Webuters Technologies’ team was to sync the […]

Effective showcase of reports on the dashboard

The Background : Our US-based client, a well-known company, was selling their products on the online platform. They were looking for a dashboard from where they can have the track of all their products. They wanted to check the live data of their products related to the stock of products, number of placed orders, number of order cancellation. Along with […]

Error-free reports based on huge data in less time

The Background : One of Webuters Technologies’ US-based clients was looking for a solution to navigating and managing the corporate telecom expenses. The client had the huge data and he wanted an accurate and error-free report on a daily basis based on that data. The client was looking for a less labor intensive solution with zero error reports. The Challenge  […]

Data from multiple portals to single dashboard

The Background : A US-based client was seeking a solution to navigate and manage their corporate telecom expenses. The client had a huge amount of data which was placed at different portals. They wanted to see the filtered data from all of the locations at one place. The client’s system was manual, challenging and labor-intensive. The Challenge (a) The biggest challenge […]

The AWS Cloud Management

The Background : One of our clients belonging to the education industry, was seeking an automated and user-friendly system to deliver the e-video clips to students. The client used to run video editing code in their local system, whenever a request for the clip comes. To complete this task, he manually used to run the code and process the clip […]

The CRM Solution

The Background : One of our clients was seeking a solution to manage the customer related information and data efficiently. The customer’s aim was to reduce manual work and overcome the challenges to build a long-lasting relationship with their customers. Along with all the mentioned requirements, the client was also looking forward to increase the profit through the correct customer […]