Managing employees is of utmost importance in today’s business world. To make it an easy process for your organization we have developed an EMS system. Our EMS system is built in such a way that it helps both human resource management department and Employees to view any required information at a click of a button. The EMS system is one but works differently for employees and HR, based on the role of the logged in user. The users can view edit or update information that are applicable to their user role.

Managing employee data can be done on clicks and the graphs on dashboard makes it easy to check complete details at a glance.

Why EMS for Your Organization?

Benefits to Employee

  • Employees can view their Employee ID, Designation, Personal and contact details. This reduces the load on HR.
  • Employees can view their References, Bank details, PF number etc. on the EMS.
  • Employees can view the list of holidays.
  • Employees can apply for leaves through the EMS, with the reason for leave. HR can approve or reject the leave based on the reason that will be updated on the system and would be visible to employee.
  • Employees can manage their leaves, they are able to see their leave consumed and left, and accordingly can plan their future leaves.
  • Employees can know about the best performing employees for the recent and past years on clicks.
  • All the company norms and policies are updated on the EMS.

Benefits to HR

  • Human resource management team can manage employee data from a single place.
  • HR team can view, add, delete or update information related to employee, office, or policies any time. They can update their team which policy is revised so they can review the policy and comply with it.
  • The graphical representation
  • The job of HR is made easy, as with EMS from Webuters, they can access all the information on the go on any device using a user ID and password.

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