MWS-enabled Solution for E-Business


The US Based Company was looking for E-Business portfolio that moves out their products for hiking up the sales through good profit margins. The amalgamation of Business with Information Technology or E-world is basically deep seated dynamic IT Strategies and Technological transformation of business objectives. It helps the business environment to digitize its processes, information and optimize the software portfolio’s by latest technical know hows, thereby giving the best fit profit edge to win over competitions.

Business Requirement and Key Challenges

Products has to be sold through Amazon. The product details, number of products moved in a day, sold at a loss or profit, discount given, the response of target audience, their respective feedback and the overall inventory needs to be calculated with current status update for all the processes according to date and time with Id’s. Additionally, the tracking of the product and other things can be facilitated by introducing a dynamic Dashboard for Product and Sales Monitoring System.

E-Business Paradigm for Solving Business Issues

The business process was streamlined with the help of Amazon MWS API, which was used to fetch all types of researched results in the Dashboard. This Framework will not only solve issues and challenges of the company but will also give added benefits. The B2B or B2C interactions were also facilitated in the Dashboard system. Now Vendor can develop their own app that harnesses the full potential of other Amazon seller accounts with MWS also sharing them with other Amazon sellers.

Best-Fit Solution for E-Business Clients

The information technology enabled digital Solution Architecture was able to fulfill all expectation of the customer. This helped the customer to track Status Report of Product, Vendors and Sale Process. This also helped them to filter unwanted or obsolete data, reduce labor requirements, and decrease the response time to the end users. The organizational goals, the company data and easy billing all was possible due to this dynamic MWS API that also helped the company to gain a competitive edge.


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