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Our Development Process

We believe in simple solutions; yet the software development process can be a complex one. To us, the optimization of your web presence is a guiding principle.

No matter how difficult the objective, nor how complicated the underlying work, what is presented to the user must be simple, intuitive and effective. In order to develop and deploy Web business applications and services that meet these requirements, we must understand our clients and their objectives, and we must have a process to guarantee these objectives are reflected in our work.

How We Operate:

1. Project Assessment

2. Project Planning and Milestones

3. Rapid Prototyping

4. Agile Build Cycles

5. Final Product Delivery

We begin all of our projects with an intensive project assessment where we evaluate your needs, timelines, and your budget. After learning your requirements, we put together a specific timeline of milestones that we work towards.

The next step is the rapid prototyping phase where we start to develop the “bones” of your application, service or tool. As the process moves along, we will continue to develop and refine the product through agile build cycles in accordance with the project plan.

Throughout these cycles, we identify and promptly address any issues that might throw the project off schedule to make sure we devote the right resources and take the right steps to keep your project on track. You’ll get detailed communications from us on a weekly cadence with regards to the status of your projects and any concerns that might need to be addressed.

Getting to your final product deliverable is our main goal and staying within your timeline and budget are our priorities.