It is believed that the sales process should be as short and simple as possible so that it is smoothly implemented. Because the more complex your sales process is, the more time it takes to close a deal.

A simple and short sales process is the dream of every business. It’s also an exceptional way of keeping the business bottom-line and sales funnel robust. Today’s buyers are more educated and have higher expectations. Thus, making it important for your sales team to understand the changes in the buyers behavior, expectations, the reasons for behavior change; and how you can adapt your sales tactics to match those expectations.

Why Walk CRM ?

Have you ever faced problems using a CRM or sales management software for keeping your customer relations flawless? You probably did! The problem is that most CRMs are not easy-to-use and not fit the way salespeople need them. Not anymore you need to face such problems! Walk CRM is created to ensure that your sales process is perfectly streamlined.

Walk CRM is an alternate to traditional CRMs and is built to take you to a more organized way of managing daily sales. It makes it easy for you to track new sales opportunities, and become more customer focused.

Track your sales process at a detailed level, improve the quality of your customer relations, have meaningful communication with your customers, and retain the existing customers. Not just this, Walk CRM allows your salespeople to focus on the sales with the highest possibility of getting the deal done

Walk CRM is affordable and perfectly fits in organizations of all sizes!

Walk CRM Vision

Our goal is to streamline your sales process and eliminate obstructions.

We have developed Walk CRM to make the life of your sales team simpler, by helping them to work, organize, manage and sell more efficiently.

We observed hundreds of businesses, complexity of the sales process and the features they need to work smoothly. The complexity of your sales process is an obstacle for your business growth.

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WalkCRM Features

Check the progress of your sales team on the move.

Get complete access and control of data.

Manage users, set roles, rules across resources. One-time process of setting up roles and rules and thereafter the team follows the strategy.

Track and view the sales progress and lead conversion through charts and reports.

Pictorial representation of data allows easy tracking of sales, which can be either for a week, month or year.

Dashboard charts that display status of leads, opportunity and the conversion rate.

Single point control of complete sales data brings in better investment strategies, improved business decisions, and growth of business. What it takes to take your business to the next level? Walk CRM is the answer. Give wings to your sales team with Walk CRM. Taking this little step will give you multi-fold benefits.