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Salesforce Sales and Service Cloud


Is your customer data spread across multiple systems? Are you wasting time to track leads? Do your sales agents have their own system? If yes, then you need to our help to automate your sales processes with the Salesforce Sales Cloud.

The Sales Cloud radically improves sales productivity, increases success rates, and eventually grows your bottom line. Let Webuters implement the Sales Cloud for you, which can help you in simplifying, streamlining and dramatically enhancing your sales process.

Our Salesforce Sales Cloud implementation service includes:

  • Creating Web 2 Lead forms to embed into your website’s contact form that help create a lead in Salesforce.
  • Building your services or products.
  • Tracking the quotes and building a quote template for pdf email send.
  • Configure Outlook Sync to sync your outlook tasks, events, and contacts.
  • Chatter setup.
  • Modifying page layouts so they make sense for your process.
  • Customising fields to meet your needs, assuming the basic customizations of standard fields.
  • Setting up the record types, if needed for managing multiple service or sales process or different layouts for different types of leads, opportunities, or accounts.
  • Setting up any Validation Rules as per your needs which is required for fields or permissions around certain conditions.

In this fast moving internet economy, unhappy customers get many channels for expressing their frustration over a service, which instantly damages a brand. Service has to be top-notch and fast for meeting customers’ demand. Make sure your profitable customers get optimal service by automating your customer services with the Salesforce Cloud Service.

The Service Cloud help enhance customer connection and maximise the customer experience. We make use of Sales Cloud for setting up everything from contact centers to self-service communities and beyond, making sure your customers get the attention they deserve and the service they are looking for.

Our Salesforce Service Cloud implementation process includes:

  • Business process review based on the service processes for identifying the system needs and the
    process that will work best for you.Case Assignment Rules
  • Configuring Email to Case
  • Configuration of Web to Case web form
  • Validation Rules
  • Escalation Rules
  • Customization of fields to meet your needs while assuming basic customization of standard fields.
  • Modification of page layout.
  • Configuring Service Cloud Console with the records or layouts as per the requirement of your process
  • Service Contracts and Entitlements
  • Development of a Standard Operating Procedure document, which will outline how you will perform the process in Salesforce.