The World is Heading Towards Artificial Intelligence: Good or Bad?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has improved exponentially over the years yet many are not so familiar with it, so read this article to know more about AI and decide on your own if it is good or bad.

What is Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

Artificial Intelligence is the theory, development as well as designing of computer systems or machines to do tasks that require human intelligence like speech recognition, language translation, decision making, visual perception, problem solving, character recognition etc. Artificial Intelligence has been applied and successfully used in many fields but there are still researches being conducted on improving it.

Advantages of AI

The nature of AI is quite complex as it uses a number of complex sciences that have a great number of advantages like

• Reduction of Errors:

The chances of errors are reduced greatly by AIs as they are accurate and have a high degree of precision. Accumulation of intelligence in space or other planets, entering hostile environment without detection etc. can be done quite easily by AI.

• Daily application:

Directions with GPS smartphones, virtual communication from great distance and many other daily applications are made very simple due to AI.

• For difficult explorations:

Space, oceanic or other kind of explorations which can prove to be life threatening for humans can be very easy for AI and they can also do hard labours quite quickly as well as effortlessly.

• Repetitive jobs:

Repetitive such as packaging can be quite tedious and time consuming but with AI this job is made quite effortless.

• Medical Application:

Various complicated surgeries have been made possible and sometimes simpler due to the highly advanced intelligence and programming of AI.

• No breaks:

Unlike humans AI don’t need breaks thus can work for long periods of time without any break.

Disadvantages of AI

AI also has its sets of disadvantages and those are as follows:

• High cost:

The cost of making and programming AI can be very high thereby making it impossible for all to possess.

• Cannot replicate humans

AI can replicate humans only to a certain extent and their work can easily be differentiated from the highly attentive work of a human.

• Can be used for destruction

In the wrong hands AI can prove to be highly dangerous as it will make destructive devices like guns, bombs etc. more potent. The loss of life if AI is used for destruction is exponentially high.

• No Improvement or creativity with Experience:

Humans will generally improve with experience whereas AIs are not capable of this improvement or any kind of creativity.

• Unemployment:

If AIs take over basic jobs many labourers might be left unemployed and without a means of living.


Artificial Intelligence has its own set of advantages as well as disadvantages; it wholly depends on an individual to use this intelligence for good or bad. Of course this is my personal opinion; you might have others, so I hope the information given above has helped you shape up your opinion of whether AI is good or bad.