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Cloud Computing is the delivery of various computing services like storage, servers, database, networking, software, analytics and many such things over the internet…

Why Cloud Computing Has Become Ubiquitous in India?

Cloud Computing is the delivery of various computing services like storage, servers, database, networking, software, analytics and many such things over the internet which is referred to as the cloud. Cloud computing is everywhere. If you browse through the internet you are using Cloud Computing unknowingly. Emails, websites, videos, storage of data and even creating the new apps require cloud computing.

Why cloud computing is becoming so famous in India 


– The biggest use of cloud computing is in storage and backup of your data. If you have used services like cloud spaces or Google photos or just your email, you must have seen that your files get automatically saved in these apps without eating your phone or computer data. So where do you think these files are getting saved? These files are getting saved in the cloud space. It has also eliminated the need to buy expensive software or the expenses of the professionals that manage the infrastructure.

Self- Service Provision

– To understand this benefit we need to first understand ‘cloud self-service’. User-self Service or Cloud-self service is a type of system that lets any user launch or even set up applications in the cloud without any interference from an IT company or a service provider. So with introduction of cloud computing, a user is able to utilize the resources easily. This means no external IT administrators are needed to manage the computer resources.


– Companies can adjust the computing needs according to the demands. If the workload is less, the needs can be decreased and if the usage is more than it can be easily increased. So, basically, the delivery of IT resource scaling or elasticity increases. Let us consider some examples like more or less storage, more or less computing power, bandwidth etc.


– Data centers do a lot of work of stacking and managing various things like hardware setups, software patching and many such other tasks that use a lot of time. With cloud computing, the need for this almost ends and the IT teams can focus on the more important tasks and business goals.


– sometimes when we lose our phones or accidently delete some important files on our computers, we cannot easily retrieve it, but using cloud keeps the data safe. So, cloud computing makes data backup, recovery of lost data and business continuity much easier. Also, you can access your data from various sites on the cloud provider’s network.

Pay Per Use

– Pay-per-use is like a metered service, you pay only for the stuff you actually use. Even though the customer can access unlimited resources but they do not have to pay any access fees. This is becoming increasingly common in IT firms. This turns out to be more effective for the company than any other resource.

Bottom Line 

With the digitization of India, more and more companies are becoming digital. Many of the public and private sector companies or service providers are using the cloud for most of the work they do. The ease of data storage and security that cloud offers is the main reason behind the increasing demand of cloud computing in India and abroad. Cloud enables businesses to handle big amount of data in the easiest of ways. It surely is staying in the world of business for a longer duration, we can’t predict an end for this.

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