Elevate Your Business with
AI-Powered Excellence

Unlock the true potential of GPT for your enterprise with OfficeIQ, a revolutionary AI-powered platform that brings a new dimension to how you engage with data.

Multiple Data Sources

Features Diversedata

Diverse Data Compatibility

OfficeIQ seamlessly integrates with multiple data sources, including PDFs, DOCs, URLs, and more. Train your AI assistant with data from various formats, allowing for a comprehensive and versatile approach to information.


Cloud-Hosted Sources

Harness the power of data from cloud-hosted platforms like SharePoint, Google Drive and more. OfficeIQ ensures that your AI assistant can access and utilize information

Data Security and Privacy

Features ISO

ISO 27001 Certified Security

OfficeIQ’s commitment to security is affirmed by our ISO 27001 certification, ensuring top-tier data protection.

End to End

End-to-End Encryption

OfficeIQ ensures that your sensitive information remains secure throughout the entire AI interaction process.

Access Controls

Access Controls

Exercise control over data access with granular access controls. Define who can access specific data and functionalities, providing an additional layer of security.

With OfficeIQ, step into a new era of AI-driven efficiency, where data becomes a strategic asset, and the possibilities are limitless.
Purple Gradient

Ready to Transform Your Data into Decisions?

Harness the full potential of AI by training it with your enterprise data, turning your vast information reserves into dynamic AI assistants. These smart assistants empower you to interact directly with your data.
Features Lightening Fast

Lightning-Fast Queries

Now, allow your employees or customers to query across your organization's vast content and receive replies in just half a millisecond. Experience the power of instantaneous responses, enhancing efficiency and decision-making.

Smart Virtual Assis

Smart Virtual Assistant

OfficeIQ provides an immersive virtual assistant experience at your fingertips. Seamlessly integrate the power of GPT with your current systems, allowing users to interact with a sophisticated AI companion for a wide range of tasks.

Easy Integration


Experience smooth integration with your existing systems.OfficeIQ seamlessly integrates the ChatGPT capabilities specific to your organization, ensuring secure data training and easy AI assistant creation.

Create Diff

Create Different AI Assistants

Tailor OfficeIQ to meet the unique needs of different teams within your organization. Create different AI assistants, each with customized settings and capabilities, allowing diverse departments to leverage AI in ways that enhance their specific operations.

Easy Access


Ensure easy access for your employees or customers.OfficeIQ is designed for user-friendly interactions, providing a straightforward and intuitive interface that makes AI-powered insights accessible to everyone.


Omnichannel Experience

OfficeIQ offers omnichannel experiences by extending GPT capabilities across your organization. Integrate OfficeIQ with your favorite tools and platforms, providing a unified AI experience that transcends individual channels.

Future Ready

Future-Ready Scalability

OfficeIQ 's scalable architecture grows with your business. Whether you're a small team or a large enterprise, scale your AI capabilities effortlessly as your organization expands.

Elevate your business with OfficeIQ and redefine the way you engage with information.