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This Privacy Policy shall apply to all the users who make use of services offered by and through Webuters Technologies Pvt. Ltd. The terms “Company” / “We” / “Us”/”Our”/”Webuters” individually and collectively are used for Webuters Technologies Pvt. Ltd., and the terms, “User”/ “You” /”Yourself” / “Your” , are used for Users. This policy also applies to every End User of our services, through our website or application.We are commitment to Your privacy and protection of the information that you share with us. In order to offer our services to you, we may collect information from you, we many also disclose the information based on circumstances and instances that demand it. This Privacy policy is to keep you informed of our information collection practices and how we use the information, thereby helping you to make your choices on data sharing with us.

By providing the purchase information of any other person, corporate body or legal entity, you understand, warrant and agree that you have all the authority or have received consent from the person, corporate body or legal entity to enable us to collect the information, use it and disclose the information as mentioned in this Privacy Policy.

This Privacy Policy is an electronic agreement signed between You and Webuters under the Indian Information Technology Act, 2000 and the rules made thereunder and all the provisions and amendments on electronic records/ documents in various statutes as under the Information Technology Act, 2000. To agree and abide by this Privacy Policy, you do not need any electronic, physical or digital signature. Your use of our services, website or app indicated your consent to abide by this privacy policy.

By using the services by us or through us, you hereby agree and show your consent on collection of information, management, storage, process and transfer of all your personal and non-personal information shared with us, to be used by us as stated in this Privacy Policy. You further agree and abide that such collection, use, storage and transfer of information shared by you shall not generate any wrongful gain or loss to you or any other person involved.


We may collect several types of information from user, including without limitation,  personal information such as name, sex, age, contact number, e-mail, PIN/ZIP code, billing information etc. We may also collect behavioral information including without limitation, hardware and software details such as your IP address, your geographical location, operating system you use, time you use applications on your device, and time when you use internet. We may also collect your demographic information including but not limited to your choices, interests etc. We may also collect indirect information of the user from the third party websites or applications that you use to access our services, if that information is required by us.

We may collect user information voluntarily provided by you at the time of app installation or use of services. The Information as provided by you enables us to use it for improving our services, app, website or to improve the user-friendly experience.

The information we collect from you is service dependent, and you agree that we may make use of the information shared by you to maintain, manage, improve or protect our services (including services related to advertising). You further agree that we may use this information for developing our new services.

Freely available information which is available in the public domain or the information which is supplied under the Right to Information Act, 2005 or any other applicable law in force, shall not be considered sensitive. You agree and understand that such information is not sensitive.


We may collect information from cookies, as a means to improve our services or app. The personal information that a cookie can contain is the information you supply voluntarily. A cookie cannot read data off your hard drive. Our advertisers or Third party websites may assign their cookies to your browser when you click on ads. This process of cookie collection is out of our control.

Our web servers robotically gather some internet connection information of your computer, including your IP address, the time you visit our Website or App. Your IP address is a number that does not identify you personally. We make use of this information to deliver our services to you on request, to improve our App to keep users happy, to measure traffic within our website or the App and let the advertisers know the geographic locations of our visitors.

Browsing our Site

If you browse through the website or app even without sharing your personal data, we will gather some of your information related to the visit. Information collected through this cannot identify you. When you browse through the site without login or register we collect your IP address, the operating system you use and the type of browser used for accessing the Site, the pages you visit, the date and time of your accessing the site, and if you have landed on the site through a different website, we collect the address of that website too. All the information collected including the IP address is to enhance our offering to you and administer the website.


Our policy discloses the privacy practices for our own App and website only. Our Website or App may provide links to other websites also that are beyond our control. We in no case will be held responsible for your use of such sites.

Our services redirects you to securely process payments, which will prompt you to authorize payment. Our App or other products may include links to other website or banner ads or other advertisements, but that does not mean that “We” authorize or endorse that third party, nor it signifies that We are representing our affiliation with that third party.

We in no case will be held responsible for the privacy policies of the third party websites that you chose to access through our App , website or other services. We encourage all the users to read the privacy policies of the third party websites before using them.


Upon registration we may request you to share your demographic information or business related information, whichever is required. You as a user should provide a valid email address, phone number, name and others details that are required. For the purposes of billing, you are required to share financial information including but not limited to billing address, credit/debit card details etc.

Users are hereby informed that all the information that we collect by the User through the platform, we shall not be responsible for the content on the application made and published by the user while using our services. You agree and understand that you are responsible for all the content you share through our services.


We may share your information, including without limitation, sensitive and personal information with the third party without taking your prior permission in the following situations:
(a) For compliance with abiding laws and legal process. When the information is required by any law or governmental authority, court or government agency for user identity verification, or for including  without limitation for conditions such as investigation, detection, or prevention of offences, cyber crimes etc. These information disclosures to law and other government agencies are made in good belief and faith as these are necessary for enforcing the privacy policy; for complying with the abiding laws and regulations of the country.
(b) In case of business merger, acquisition, reorganization,  bankruptcy,  or any other such events, user information may be transferred to successor or assignee by Us, in compliance with the applicable laws  this Privacy Policy abides to and any other confidentiality  and security measures.


We know understand the user privacy importance and therefore take all the necessary security measures to protect user information against unauthorized access, disclosure or destruction of data, including without limitation, to internal reviews of data collection, storage, management and processing along with data security methods and practices, including appropriate physical security measures and data encryption practices to protection data against any unauthorized access to our system.

All the information that we collect from you through our website or App is securely stored databases controlled by us, which are on our servers protected behind a firewall. Our servers have a password-protected access and is strictly under our control. We cannot guarantee the complete security of our database, nor we guarantee the hindrance of information when transferred to us through  the Internet. Any information that user posts on the publicly access groups, places or discussions are available to anyone with internet access.

We may modify and update our Privacy Policy anytime without giving any prior information to the user. Our use of your information shall be consistent with the privacy policy or terms of service under which it was collected, regardless of the changes to the privacy policy.


We may use and share your information with trusted third-party payment gateways associated with us to ensure smooth and safe payments. We hereby inform you that the third-party payment gateways or transaction processes have their own privacy policies that needs your information to make the payment process complete, we encourage you to read their privacy policies to understand how they use and handle your personal information and financial (debit/credit card details) information. Once you leave our application or website you are redirected to a third-party application or website not governed by us, so our Privacy Policy or terms of service will be applicable on your use of that service.


You understand and agree that by making the application ready for your store/brand/business is the end the services that we offer to you. We are not responsible for the application or any loss associated with it after it is being made for your business/brand/store. You further agree that you will be responsible for application and its use or any loss caused. You are hereby informed that We shall not be liable for any user entered content, including without limitation, images, text, video etc.


We reserve the full right to change the Privacy Policy and terms of service anytime without giving any prior intimation to you, and your continued use of service offered by us will signify your acceptance of updated or modified terms of service and privacy policy.

You are therefore encouraged to read the Privacy policy and terms of use in regular intervals to keep yourself updated. In case you do not accept any amendments or modifications to this Privacy policy our terms of service, you may end your use of our app or services immediately.


Any complaints, abuse or concerns to this privacy policy or terms of service shall be informed through email signed with the electronic signature at


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