30 Surprising Statistics and Facts About Salesforce in 2024

Imagine being in a room with 150,000 people, all from different corners of the globe, all using the same tool […]

Imagine being in a room with 150,000 people, all from different corners of the globe, all using the same tool to skyrocket their business growth. What’s this powerful force uniting them? It’s Salesforce, the heavyweight champion of the Customer Relationship Management arena. With its arsenal of cloud-based tools and services, Salesforce is helping businesses worldwide transform their customer interactions into lifelong relationships.

But don’t just take our word for it. Numbers speak louder than words, and the Salesforce statistics we’re about to share will leave you amazed. We’ve scoured the depths of the CRM landscape to bring you an exclusive sneak peek into the world of Salesforce. Buckle up as we unravel 30 mind-boggling Salesforce statistics that will redefine your understanding of this game-changing platform.

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Whether you’re a seasoned Salesforce user, a curious onlooker, or somewhere in between, this data-packed voyage is sure to enrich your CRM knowledge. So, are you ready to dive into the universe of Salesforce statistics for 2023? Let’s get started.

Market Analysis of Salesforce- Its Growth and Composition

Market Share and Revenue

  • More than 150,000 companies utilise Salesforce internationally.
  • In fiscal year 2021, it produced $21.25 billion, up 24.27% from the previous year. Compound annual sales growth (CAGR) during the previous ten years was 29.04%.
  • Around 20% of companies worldwide utilise Salesforce.
  • The market share of the company is more than the combined market shares of its closest rivals, Microsoft, Oracle, SAP, and Adobe, which hold 5.8%, 5.1%, 4.7%, and 3.6% of the CRM market, respectively.
  • In the most recent publication of its global semi-annual software tracker, International Data Corporation (IDC) named Salesforce as the top CRM provider.
  • Salesforce has been named the top CRM provider by IDC nine times in a row now.
  • In the fiscal quarter that ended on September 30, 2022, Salesforce generated revenue of $7.84 billion USD, an annual rise of 14%.
  • The business repurchased shares from its stockholders for 1.7 billion USD in the third quarter of 2022.
  • In 2021, 14.74 billion USD, or a whopping 69.34% of Salesforce’s entire yearly revenue, was generated in the continents of America. The region’s revenue has grown by 22.32% over the past year, however, this rate of growth is less than the global growth rate of 29.04%. Here is an overview of the IT company’s revenue by region. –
  1. Asia-Pacific- 2.01 B
  2. Europe- 4.5 B
  3. Americas- 14.74
  • Service Cloud accounted for the majority of Salesforce’s revenue in 2021. The product generated 5.38 billion in total, or 26.38% of all subscription and support income. Sales Cloud succeeded in being second source of income with 5.19 billion USD (or 25.97% of the company’s subscription and support income). Marketing Cloud and Commerce Cloud contributed 3.13 billion USD (15.66% of the company’s subscription and support income), while the platform-based offerings from Salesforce, MuleSoft, and Tableau jointly generated 6.27 billion USD (31.38% of the IT major’s subscription and support revenue).
  • Throughout the world, Salesforce operates from 110 offices distributed across 89 different cities. San Francisco, Atlanta, Indianapolis, London, New York, and Tokyo— these six cites have Salesforce towers while three more cities namely – Sydney, Dublin, and Chicago are in the midst of construction for getting the towers.
  • According to a recent IDC analysis, Salesforce and its network of partners will generate $1.6 trillion in new business revenues and 9.3 million new employments globally by 2026. The study also reveals that Salesforce is accelerating the expansion of its partner network, which by 2026 will generate $6.19 for every $1 generated by the company.

Workforce Related Stats

  • As of 2023 Salesforce boasts of an employee count of more than 77,000, of which around 58% work in the US alone, while the rest 42% are distributed among 27 other countries.
  • Salesforce ensures workforce diversity by employing around 50.7% of its workforce from communities that are often underrepresented in society. This includes women, African Americans, Native Americans, other people of colour, LGBTQ+ people, people with disabilities, and war veterans. In fact, 8% of Salesforce workers report that they are LGBTQ+
  • The initial income of employees at Salesforce is around $55,000, while the median yearly income stands at $80,984. The best-paid 10% of Salesforce administrators make over $118,000 annually.
  • For the purpose of ensuring equal compensation for equal labour among its employees, Salesforce has so far invested over 22 million USD. The CRM giant started an assessment in 2015 to find and close gender pay disparities. Since then, it has worked its way up and improved its policies. This has broadened the reach of its evaluation to guarantee that the employees receive equal and fair pay.

Trailhead by Salesforce

Trailhead is a robust as well as free learning portal by Salesforce. It enables people to learn and explore about the Salesforce network. It is a great platform for professionals from all facets of the Salesforce ecosystem, including customers, developers, administrators, et cetera. Here are some fantastic facts regarding the same-

  • Currently over 1300 Trailblazer communities support professionals in various roles across a range of industries in 90 different countries.
  • More than 17 million people use the Trailblazer Community to improve their Salesforce skills. The community provides an avenue for exchanging information and sharing knowledge.
  • Trailhead GO app has been downloaded by almost 20,000 people in the UK alone.
  • According to the Trailblazer Community Impact survey, networking and career advancement are equally crucial to Salesforce users as increasing their Salesforce knowledge. More than half of the poll participants said that becoming involved in the community improved their leadership abilities and personal branding.

Salesforce – Performance as a CRM

  • In just a single day, Salesforce enables nearly 13 billion interactions. The Salesforce platform made possible the transmission of 4.13 billion messages, 6.06 billion service, and case engagements, and 2.65 billion Slack activities.
  • Payback by Salesforce was reported in under a year by 58% of the companies that had deployed Salesforce. The average payback period for the adoption of a CRM system, whereas is usually 13 months. The return on investment for Salesforce might even be up to 500%.
  • On an average, Salesforce users are able to boost the income of their business by around 25%. Thanks to the reliable IT platform, good relationships with customers are easier to establish which results in frequent transactions as businesses are able to offer their clients outstanding products and services.
  • Client satisfaction levels of companies that use Salesforce are increased by about 35%. The innovative features of Salesforce enables in obtaining a thorough picture of consumer requirements. In turn, this enables businesses to provide the best solutions to address the needs.
  • Businesses that employ Salesforce have been able to cut down on decision-making time by about 38%. This is feasible since the CRM system provides data-backed, instant insights that enable firms to act appropriately and promptly.

Social and Environmental Impact Caused by Salesforce

  • Every day, the San Francisco Salesforce Tower filters approximately 30,000 gallons of water before it is used for a number of non-potable purposes. The volume of water conserved is equal to approximately 7.8 million gallons annually, or roughly the same amount of water used by the city’s 16,000 inhabitants in California.
  • In 2021, Salesforce accomplished its goal of reaching a net residual of zero emissions. The company’s objective of sourcing sufficient renewable energy to compensate for all of its global electricity consumption was achieved.
  • Salesforce facilitated the establishment of the org, which unifies multiple organizations to protect and grow 1 trillion trees worldwide by 2030. The business has also started a sustainability project to save the fragile marine ecosystems.
  • In 2021, Salesforce generated a social worth of over 1.45 billion USD.
  • By 2026, Salesforce and its associated businesses are expected to generate up to 9.3 million additional jobs, according to a study by IDC. The Salesforce ecosystem, according to the estimate, will bring in 1.6 trillion USD in additional business income.

Bottom Line 

There you have it – a whopping 30 nuggets of truth all pointing to one undeniable fact: Salesforce is not just a platform, it’s a game-changer for businesses of all shapes and sizes. As we peer into the future, it’s clear that Salesforce’s reign is far from over. In fact, it’s only just begun.

By now, you’ve probably realized the immense potential and sheer power Salesforce holds. But how do you tap into that power? How do you transform these statistics from numbers on a page into tangible results for your business? Well, that’s where Webuters come in.

Our team of Salesforce experts is ready and waiting to guide you on your journey. Don’t be a bystander in the Salesforce revolution. Be a part of it. Contact us for your free Salesforce consultation. Together, we can turn these impressive statistics into your business’s success story. Ready to make these numbers work for you? Let’s get started!

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