7 Reasons Why AWS is The Best Cloud Platform For Your Organisation

Cloud computing is becoming one of the most used technology in the business world. With the ever increasing computing needs […]

Cloud computing is becoming one of the most used technology in the business world. With the ever increasing computing needs worldwide, cloud computing providers are striving to meet these needs. In the race of providing best cloud computing, many technologies have been developed. With huge number of variety, it has become difficult to narrow down the best cloud computing service provider. We all came closer to technology in the past few years. We started to believe in it and gather the courage to adapt to it. It is already quite clear that we cannot make do without technology these days.

In the times of COVID-19, the business industry has started to explore cloud computing more than ever. The digital world made it possible for businesses to survive the pandemic. In those days of lockdown, businesses and the digital world came together to continue the working of the world.

In this article, we will give you seven reasons why you should consider AWS as your cloud platform. The rise in cloud computing can be considered as one of the main reasons why AWS Is the best cloud computing platform. The unbelievable usage of AWS cloud computing platform made it much more easier for businesses to keep functioning during hard times.

Top 7 Reasons to Consider AWS as Your Cloud Platform

The growth of AWS cloud management system over the past few years has reached over 1,000,000 customers. Its annual revenue is generated at around 10 billion dollars. Many multinational and Unicorn companies are using AWS as their cloud computing platform.

Let’s discuss 7 points as the reasons why you should choose Amazon Web Services as your cloud platform:

  1. Location: you will be blown knowing that Amazon Web Services are available in 44 different zones in 16 geographical locations. This is one of the biggest advantages of AWS platform.The users are allowed to access the servers from any country across the globe. Hire an AWS developer from wherever you are and you can access all the features on your device. There are some cloud computing platforms which do not allow you to utilise the servers from some regional boundaries but AWS provides its services with no regional boundaries on utilising the servers.
  2. Recovery System: We all face one or the other disasters on our journey of running a business. sometimes it may get very difficult for the business owner to recover from the disaster. With the presence of AWS platform, you get the benefit of auto recovery system. The built- in feature of AWS cloud computing platform helps to recover from disasters automatically and quickly. The recovery plan of cloud computing providers are well-defined for enterprises of all sizes.
  3. Better Security: Everyone wants the security of their important and confidential information in the business. The digital presence may scare you away from utilising some mind-blowing and very genuine technologies. In the case of AWS cloud computing system, one gets enhanced security to protect virtual presence of the organisation. It has multiple layers of operational securities that keep your data tight secured. The biggest advantage with AWS is that, Amazon conducts surprise checks for any security vulnerabilities. Therefore, AWS cloud computing becomes highly reliable.
  4. Scalability factor: AWS has been a top leader in the cloud market ever since its launch. AWS took the lead at 31% of the market when the market went up 32% to USD 39.9 billion as of February 2021. Its ease of use has attracted many flagship businesses like BMW, Zynga, Samsung, MI, Unilever, Airbnb, and Netflix. The users get access to AWS Management Console, one if the most user-friendly interface, upon registering to AWS. The number of services and applications provided by this server interface fulfils most needs of the businesses. With AWS, you can make do without IT skills even for migrating your software, deploying your SaaS, or hosting your website. You can access to well-documented web services APIs to help you find your way through the system unstoppably.
  5. Pricing: With all the advantages discussed above, AWS cloud computing has turned out to be the most pocket friendly vendor in the market. It is easy for them to provide their services at affordable prices because it has been in existence long enough to command a significant market share. This allows them to enjoy a large scale of business. Their benefits are quite attractive and most of us end up picking AWS for business out of all the other available platforms. Their plan of providing services to businesses is a success because their intention at the end was to help businesses out in a strategic and organised way. Their quality of services kept attracting more and more businesses and compelled them to install this service in their business. With this capability, AWS kept bringing in more revenue than others, becoming of the most affordable and high quality cloud computing platform for businesses. With AWS, you get the advantage if saving more money as you go up using their services. AWS for businesses charges less as we go on increasing its usage.
  6. Flexibility: AWS is more than flexible in providing additional access as we finish our registration. It enable us to select our operating system, programming language, web application platform, database, and other services that businesses usually need. AWS cloud computing for businesses provides a virtual environment to load all the services that our application may require. It also eases the data migration process for us. AWS for businesses is a multi service provider that come along with a single service purchased. The AWS providers intend to help businesses out digitally in every way possible using high quality method of earning great revenue.
  7. Multi-region backups: We are aware of the fact that AWS cloud management system is decentralised. This allows us to backup our important data in multiple regions. The businesses can stay tension free even when their primary operational environment goes offline. This is because AWS platform offers AMIs and EBS snapshots mode of backing up. This way we can safeguard our backup from any impact of offline operational environment.We can also schedule backups across different regions. AWS for businesses is a highly professional platform proving many services along with cloud computing.

Amazon Web Services – An amazing Cloud Computing Platform 

It will be disrespectful for AWS if we debate about the best cloud computing platform any further. In this article, we have discussed every aspect of ubiquity of AWS. We have talked about the intention of AWS cloud computing providers, we have cleared the idea behind the development of such a service. We have gotten used to it in a way that there’s no going back now. Digitisation is the future of the world. The instant success of AWS is the living example of its quality and variety of service. The user get access to many useful applications and servers when they register on AWS, this makes it an integrated platform for business to have a manage their virtual presence smoothly.

When we talk about digitisation, earlier we used to not consider it seriously but today, we all have become habitual to it to the extent that it has become the basic necessary of life. We have and we will see certain alien needs of us being developed and used worldwide. We know that need is the key to innovation. With the increasing solutions, we are ending up having greater number of questions. Our urge to resolve these questions makes us invent new technology. This way the cycle goes on. The continuous growth of the cycle of technology is trying to explain to us the importance of technology and the never ending growth of it.

We all should adapt ourselves to the latest technology trends in the market to maintain our position in the competitive world. These trends are not entitled trends in a night. There goes a long process of deep learning of the advantages, disadvantages, features, usage and many more factors compared to others. The best one becomes the hot topic of the week. Certain technologies like AWS cloud computing remain the hot topic because of the most generous nature of its providers.

All the big giants and software development companies use AWS services for their cloud computing needs. We can hire a professional for AWS cloud consulting or us the well-documented guide provided by AWS itself for step by step usage. With the help of professionals we can identify our computing requirements and how we can integrate our enterprise’s infrastructure with the cloud platform.

The Bottom Line

AWS is present in a wide range of regions, it has the best recovery system for uncertain disasters, it provides high tech multi layered security keeping your virtual organisation safe, provides the easiest scaling with its two tools namely Auro Scaling and Elastic Load Balancing. It is the most affordable with such high quality service. AWS is flexible in many ways, making it easy to use. Lastly, it has multi region backups keeping your data safe from being misplaced.

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