How to Reinvent Business With Mobile and Agility?

Today the speed of business and the exchange, collection and analysis of information is changing dramatically. Mobile phones are now cons

Today the speed of business and the exchange, collection, and analysis of information is changing dramatically. Mobile phones are now considered not a luxury but a business necessity. According to Manta SMB Wellness Index, 81% of small business owners use their mobile phones every day. 56% of companies schedule appointments and communicate to customers using their mobile phones while 30% create to lists and take notes with their phones.
To stay competitive in the digital age, companies need to reinvent themselves.

Here are Ways to Reinvent a Business with Mobile and Agility

1. Use of Apps to Better Connect with Customers

Companies can use tools or platforms to create their apps, which will help them reach wider audiences. Apps make it easy for customers to connect with the organization. It’s easy for a business to update their customer about an addition or change in their services. Mobile apps are a necessity for businesses nowadays, as there has been a tremendous increase in the global sale of mobile phones, which in turn means an increase in the number of phone users. The world has gone mobile, have you?

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2. Networking and Communication

A mobile phone is a great tool that allows an unprecedented level of connectivity at workplaces between customers and, employees. By downloading mobile applications on their devices, employees can connect with their clients through social media like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. Web-based applications can also be used as direct communication with their leaders and consumers. Right communication helps businesses improve on time management, improve customer service and expand the business market.

3. Develop Faster Research

Mobile technology encourages interactive communication between a business and its consumers. Through sharing on various media platforms, companies can get feedback on products and services from their customers. Feedback leads to prompt research and development for business. It is every company’s goal to stay ahead of the competition. Research also helps in product upgrades, and consumers feel their feedback is critical to the company’s development.

4. Marketing

The digital world has introduced a new element in the advertising and marketing world. Customers can access and see business adverts on their mobile devices through marketing technologies like Shopify, Amazon, Alibaba, and Facebook, text messaging, banner ads, and more. Advertisements can reach specific audiences thus increasing business output.

5. Mobile Banking

E-commerce like initiating mobile banking allows customers to make transactions like check bank balances, pay bills, carry out cash transfers between accounts and make cash deposits. These services help consumers transact business at their comfort zones.

6. Mobile Purchases

Today businesses are embracing mobile purchases. Merchants accept online orders from customers via mobile devices through mobile business websites. Companies can create a customer profile with all up-to-date purchases. Some companies offer free coupons and discounted prices to consumers who use their online stores. Mobile purchases help businesses reach out to a large targeted population worldwide.

7. Mobile Ticketing

Most airlines are using mobile ticketing technology. Consumers can access airline services by booking and canceling flights online using their mobile devices. Social activities like football matches use mobile ticketing to sell football tickets when there is a game to be played. Users simply display their phone transactions at the entry point of the venue.

Bottom Line

Mobile technology has created a flexible working environment. Businesses that embrace mobility will become more efficient, and most people will be attracted to work with them. The digital age presents a challenge to companies to recruit and retain talent in their business.

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