Amazon EC2: Flexible, Reliable and Secure

“Cloud computing” is a trending term in the field of Information Technology. Cloud is everywhere now, and the businesses have also realiz

Cloud computing” is a trending term in the field of Information Technology. Cloud is everywhere now, and businesses have also realized the potential behind cloud services. The number of people using the cloud on a regular basis is increasing with each passing day, and so are the service providers in the field. Amazon is one such service provider which offers you Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) service. It is a dominant part of’s cloud-computing platform, Amazon Web Services.

Why is Amazon EC2 Gaining Popularity?

1.  Efficiency and reliability offered by Amazon EC2.
2.  Gives complete control over several instances owned by you. Full access to them and can interact with them at any given time.
3. There is a choice that can be made between types of instances available, such as software packages and operating systems.
4. Amazon EC2 is fully customizable and allows you to select a suitable memory configuration, instance storage, and boot partition size based on the operating system you use.

Apart from these, there is a wide choice when it comes to instances. For general purposes, you may choose between M3, M4, T2, etc. You can make a choice between C3 and C4 instances for computing optimized instances. You also have the option to choose between accelerated computing, memory-optimized, and storage-optimised instances.

Numerous features are provided by Amazon EC2 for building applications. A few to name, are Amazon Elastic book storage (EBS), EBS instances, Amazon virtual private cloud, multiple locations, Elastic IP addresses, Amazon CloudWatch, and much more.

Amazon EC2 offers you an option to choose operating systems, which include Debian 7.4, Amazon Linux, CentOS 6.5, and Microsoft Server 2012. It also provides a bundling system that enables you to upload and work with your own operating system, when needed. The AWS Marketplace has been gaining a lot of popularity, as it offers you a wide choice of both free and commercial operating systems that are provided by various well-known vendors.

What Makes Amazon EC2 So Popular?

Being highly cost-efficient makes Amazon EC2 a preferred choice over any other similar service. It follows the pay-per-use rule, so you only pay for the services that you actually use. Amazon EC2 integrates with most of the Exchange Web Services (EWS) such as Amazon relational database services and Amazon Simple Storage Service; this provides you with a secure solution for cloud storage, query processing, and computing across a wide range of applications.

Amazon EC2 is highly secure it allows you to restrict access to the AWS resources using identity and access management, thus bringing malpractices near to zero level. Unlike other cloud computing providers, it takes less time in establishing a new server.

Bottom Line:

Amazon EC2 has become a leading cloud computing provider due to its cost efficiency, high flexibility, and security. It enables you to obtain and configure capacity in the cloud with minimal friction, because of which it is the preferred choice of several professionals. Are you making use if Amazon EC2?

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