Amazon Echo: Why to Make an Echo Enterprise Ready?

Amazon Echo is a smart speaker device developed by Amazon; it connects you to Alexa, a voice-controlled intelligent personal assistant se

What is Amazon Echo?

Amazon Echo is a smart speaker device developed by Amazon; it connects you to Alexa, a voice-controlled intelligent personal assistant service. You just need to speak a command to Alexa like ‘make a to-do list’, ‘provide weather information’ etc. This hands-free speaker allows you to perform various tasks simultaneously with great ease.

What makes Amazon Echo a winner in the enterprise thus making it crucial for you to make one ready?

It seems like a conversational platform is the obvious choice for the next generation of IoT applications and enterprise mobile. But a conversational interface platform needs to provide the right fusion of capabilities for effectively venturing into the enterprise, which can adapt to business scenarios to voice processing interfaces.
In Amazon Echo you can find all the aforementioned qualities thereby making it a fundamental foundation for the next wave of business applications. A few of these qualities or characteristics are:

1. Alexa Device Ecosystem and Voice Service:

An amazing ecosystem of device manufacturers who are incorporating their products with voice processing capabilities has been developed by Amazon. As Amazon Echo has shown its usefulness in business scenarios, there is a great possibility that this ecosystem may expand into enterprise smart devices. Whereas stellar conversational interface skills to connected devices has been exposed by Alexa Voice Service or AVS.

2. Alexa Skills Kit:

Amazon Echo’s Alexa Skills Kit SDK is its main extensibility mechanism and this aspect sets it apart from all the other conversational interface solutions. With SDK you can design a new voice command that works together with AWS Lambda functions or Web Services to perform particular tasks. Alexa Skills Kit feature alone makes Amazon Echo a great asset to developers and other enterprise scenarios.

3. Developer Community:

Since its release, Amazon Echo has been able to build quite a fabulous developer community. Thus making it easier for organizations to employ developers, that incorporate their applications with Amazon Echo powered interfaces.

4. Industry Solution Ecosystem:

The implementation of industry-specific solutions that control conversational interfaces has been greatly facilitated by Amazon Echo’s extensible capabilities, AWS integration, the AWS partner ecosystem and other such factors.

Amazon Echo’s Impact in the Transformation of Industries

The amazing and phenomenal features of Amazon Echo don’t just make it a great asset for enterprises and developers but it has the capability of transforming industries.

Healthcare business can be greatly redefined and extended by using Amazon Echo for actions such as interaction between medical professionals, providing patient information etc., which will be made much swifter and easier with the Amazon Echo’s voice service.

Fields such as public safety and defence where officials operate under harsh conditions, time is of great essence. With Amazon Echo the flow of information is made much faster and easier, the voice command feature will also reduce the wastage of time.

In the Education field Amazon Echo will take the quality of education to the next level and will make the process of learning much easier and fun. Other than this Amazon Echo will have great impact on other fields such as manufacturing etc.


Amazon Echo has great foundation capabilities for enterprises and if you make an Echo enterprise ready then you are taking a great leap into the future.

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