Artificial Intelligence And Machine Learning Are Not The Same Thing

With the advancement of digital technology, many new terms have entered the world, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are among

With the advancement of digital technology, many new terms have entered the world, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are among them which people normally consider same. But these terms are fairly distinct from each other and must not be considered same. Adding to that, the complexity of knowledge of people using name of these technologies interchangeably, gives a totally different meaning to them.

What is Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

artificial Intelligence

Ask an arbitrary guy, “what do you think would be the meaning of AI?” and he is sure to think of aliens. The point to be considered is people are using artificial intelligence as a part of their daily lives but are not aware about it. Involvement of AI into personal life and business is a minimum to be expected in the 21st era. We must wonder what is next to come?

With artificial intelligence, you do things differently unlike daily life things. AI is a comprehensive term which comprises technology able to give different replies to different situations. AI-driven solutions are based on the system’s ability to use its own properties to reach a solution.

Let’s take an elementary example: If you want your system to reach a solution on its own, without the help of programmers who give commands for every action that is called AI.

Instances of AI:

Discovering new and adding to the existing is an endless procedure in field of technology.

When we talk about AI, we must know that it is not a single thing but a combination of a lot of things.

The first instance of AI was IBM supercomputer Deep Blue, which is an Artificial Intelligence scheme created by IBM. Deep Blue played chess with world chess champion Garry Kasparov in the year 1996. Deep Blue won the first competition against Kasparov at the Domain Championships held in 1996. However it was unable to beat Kasparov in the series, and the six-match series was won by Kasparov.

What is Machine Learning (ML)?

machine learning

Machine Learning is considered similar to Artificial Intelligence by many, however the two are massively different from each other. Machine learning is the procedure by which your scheme rules as alive adaptive intelligent being: it doesn’t just receive data, but also learns from it and then adapts itself over that data.

If you’re still wondering about the actual meaning of ML, here you go. Machine Learning gives systems the ability to learn on their own, without being explicitly programmed.

Take, for example, some facts that are to be managed. You feed it on the PC, which then processes it on its own. So far, the procedure is pretty much similar as artificial intelligence. Though, the real magic starts after the information is being fed, as now the system will be able to learn by itself, without needing external commands.

Bottom Line

It is important to know that Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence are two different things. You can make the most of emerging technologies only when you know what they actually are. In short, Machine Learning is a vehicle which has been driving AI development, and are not the same thing. I hope this piece helps you to understand the ground difference between ML and AI.

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