Artificial Intelligence vs Cloud Computing – The Best Tech In Future

Cloud computing has already influenced the technology market to a bigger extent. However, recent developments in artificial intelligence

Cloud computing has already influenced the technology market to a bigger extent. However, recent developments in artificial intelligence (AI) and increasing challenges faced by programmers in the cloud computing age will bring in more changes. Everyone knows the potential of cloud technology and its impact on the business market. Cloud is not a new term anymore, as most of the businesses are familiar with it and have adopted it, but they still don’t know how the cloud will evolve with time.

Technology changes with time, and these changes are to be adopted by businesses to stay competitive. Now, the world is heading towards mobile and cloud. Mobile and cloud are not concepts, they are future of technology. So, you must move with the technology to maintain your position.

Now all the eyes are on how Artificial Intelligence (AI) will enhance cloud like cloud technology enriches AI development. For those who are yet not familiar with AI? Artificial intelligence or AI refers to the machines with ability to perform human like task. AI-powered machines are capable of learning to do things on their own rather than being given command explicitly. AI is a combination of machine learning and deep learning. AI analyzes deeper data by making use of neural networks. AI-powered machines have the ability to perform high-volume task in a shorter span of time.

The emergence of artificial intelligence has impacted the way businesses use cloud computing. Let’s take a look at how AI has changed the use of cloud.

How Cloud Has Been Changed by Artificial Intelligence?

New generation cloud computing infrastructure has started seeing the influence of Artificial Intelligence, which is an interesting change considering the introduction of transformational technologies like the Internet of Things (IoT) or mobile. The introduction of new technologies has shown no disruptive impact on the growing cloud computing landscape. From the perspective of the growing cloud technology, IoT and mobile capabilities come out as an addition to the present cloud capabilities.

Conflicting with the IoT and mobile model, applications-based on artificial Intelligence need specific run-time optimized for GPU intensive AI solutions, along with the refined backend services. Combining data, AI and machine learning with cloud technology means, both humans and AI would be able to analyze large amount of data, and would get more information than ever before. A combination of these technologies means high volume of data to be handled effectively in a shorter time.

AI has already started making machines that work like human. Do you feel that these machines will eat human jobs? The alarms are on as the changes are hard to predict.

Artificial Intelligence in the Cloud Computing:

The past few years have shown incredible investment made on the AI capabilities in a cloud platform. Companies like IBM, Microsoft, Amazon, and Google have been leading the trend. The present cloud-AI technologies can be identified with two major groups:

Cloud Machine Learning Platforms:

This includes technologies like Google Cloud Machine Learning, AWS Machine Learning, and Azure Machine Learning. These services enable you to build machine learning models that work with any type or size of data.

AI Cloud Services:

Technologies like IBM Watson, Microsoft Cognitive Services, Natural Language APIs or Google Cloud Vision allow the abstraction of complex AI. It also permits cognitive computing capabilities through simple API calls.

Whether or not, AI Can Power Next-Generation Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing is a well-established technology now, which is ruling the technology market. These cloud trends are highly dominated by firms like Google, Microsoft, and Amazon. From all the technology perspectives, we can say that none of the technology trends has been upsetting the preset cloud computing landscape.

Though, artificial intelligence comes with distinctive characteristics, which would definitely influence the next generation cloud computing platform. AI needs new computing infrastructure to support new programming frameworks and paradigms. In future, people can expect cloud incumbents to absorb AI capabilities as the foundational element of infrastructures. It is expected that soon everyone will see the emergence of AI-powered new generation cloud platforms.

The Bottom Line 

By now you must have understood that AI is the future of technology, but cloud will maintain the position it has gained. However, a combination of cloud and AI will be ruling the technology trends that are unpredictable, but look positive in every way. We can say that cloud is the destination for all AI services. Most of the AI applications are being created using cloud. But, both AI and cloud are dominant technologies, and a fusion of these two is more powerful. They both are a means to each other. A combination of cloud and AI means unimaginable power to store, manage and process data.

Want to make the most of these two big game changing technology? Contact us, we will tell you how.

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