Benefits of Salesforce Sales Cloud Implementation & Integration

It is essential for every business to have a potential platform to get involved with customers. In this era of […]

It is essential for every business to have a potential platform to get involved with customers. In this era of cloud computing, Salesforce CRM is an extremely popular platform to connect businesses with customers. Many organizations use this CRM solution for business purposes all around the world. Salesforce CRM has been developed to understand the customer perspective, improve and centralize data management, and streamline business workflows. Many organizations prefer the Salesforce platform because with this they are able to serve their customers with personalized services that also enhance profitability. It possesses an ecosystem that consists of a variety of cloud platforms allowing businesses to be associated with various kinds of data and help customers with multiple services.  

In this article, we will extensively cover all about the services of Salesforce Sales Cloud along with the relevant benefits of its implementation and integration.  

“With Salesforce, our sales reps are faster and more agile. They have all the data they need at their fingertips to respond quicker to customer needs and win mindshare.” – Anil Lingayat, EVP and Business Head, Godrej & Boyce.  

Salesforce Sales Cloud – Overview 

Sales Cloud is powered by a Salesforce application designed for making businesses smarter and faster and automating a lot of tasks. Salesforce sales cloud services help in streamlining business processes such as sales, marketing, and customer support in both B2B and B2C business management. Rather than offering customer support, Salesforce Sales Cloud emphasizes the sales components of customer relationship management (CRM) which involves how users handle leads, contacts, accounts, and opportunities. The Salesforce Sales Cloud could be customized according to business needs and collect customer information on a single platform. It includes marketing, lead generation, sales, business analytics, and customer service operations.  

It effectively generates and tracks revenue throughout the sales cycles allowing the users to manage customer relationships with ease. Being a SaaS (Software as a Service), it is extremely user-friendly and can be accessed from the web as well as smart mobile phones. As this is the most widely used application among Salesforce users, it is quite convenient to understand the UI. It shows all the customer data that contains details of their lead or contact profile, including interaction activity and present status of sales.  

It supports a real-time social media feed with which they interact, ask questions and share useful information with the entire community. It provides AppExchange which allows a user to get access to a wide range of business-oriented applications.  

The Significance of Salesforce Sales Cloud  

Salesforce Sales Cloud prevents time-consuming administrative tasks with its automating capabilities, allowing salespeople to concentrate more on advanced business processes. It is essential for salespersons because it provides tools required to move customers from leads to cash to loyalty 

As per, in the 2021 fiscal year,’s largest revenue-generating service offering was “Salesforce platform and other” which earned the company over six billion U.S. dollars in total revenue.   

It helps businesses raise efficiency and control costs. The importance of Salesforce Sales Cloud can be listed as follows:  

  • It provides accurate information about customer insights, customer data tracking and reporting in detail.  
  • Salesforce Sales Cloud could can be used bring Salesforce team together to develop an integrated customer experience and which in turn will result in enhances Salesforce productivity.  
  • It can design a market-responsive sales strategy to allow appropriate forecasting.  
  • This will efficiently manage client retention and improve customer service through a well-organized marketing strategy and sales collaboration.  

Key Important Features of the Salesforce Sales Cloud  

  • Account and Contact Management  

This tool provides information about customers’ communication history, vital contacts, and lots more. The sales cloud can be very helpful in viewing every contact in the section of customers’ accounts. Through this tool, the sales and accounts teams can get valuable insights about the clients from previous conversations or discussions on multiple platforms as well as key insights from social media sites.  

  • Customer 360 

Salesforce customer 360 allows a business to connect with different departments and customer information. This system helps businesses to get a clear understanding of the customer base in their organization. This feature can check all customer related information such as completed projects, ongoing projects, payments, invoices, issues raised, and lots more.  

  • Lead Management 

This feature enables an organization to track leads, take smart decisions, and optimize the campaigns at every step across multiple channels.  

  • Opportunity Management 

This feature helps a business to manage all the deals and speed up all the deals and sales processes. This can be done from anywhere in the world and at the same time keep up with other business processes. Opportunity management provides real-time updates and insights to the sales team.  

It can efficiently track product codes, standard or quoted rates, and the production of updated quotes. Also, it focuses on all the vital details such as competitors, the position of deals, and the steps required to win those deals.  

  • Reports and Dashboard 

With this feature, customized sales forecasting reports can be created easily. It helps sales managers to get a comprehensive understanding of the performance of the teams along with figures. This is how managers can direct their team members to make smarter decisions and come up with effective sales strategies.  

  • Data Management 

The most crucial task for a business is to manage the data. Salesforce Sales Cloud data management helps to deliver the correct data to the right person at the right moment. Seamless handling of the data allows spaces for smart business-changing insights, recognizing potential customers and segments and offering the best opportunities with AI support.  

  • Process Automation 

Sales cloud services can efficiently automate business processes with ease. Automation of sales is very effective in enhancing the overall productivity of the sales team. A business organization may use the process builder to create automated workflows and enable notifications for a variety of transactions. It assigns work automatically while the deals continue through different levels. This streamlines the work process, making it simple and prompt.  

  • Pricebook 

As the name suggests, a pricebook consists of a list of products and their different prices. This helps businesses set different price rates for different customers or marketplaces based on the demand and availability of products.  

  • Sales Cloud Einstein  

Sales Cloud Einstein is an AI module that helps in the advanced analysis of historical pipeline data, trends, and opportunities. It updates the sales teams with vital insights so that they can make prompt and successful decisions.  

  • Pipeline and Forecast Management  

This feature provides a complete understanding of the entire pipeline and business operations. Comprehensive forecasting is also helpful for producing predictable revenues.  

It efficiently guides a business organization for making vital decisions that will boost income productivity with predictive AI support and valuable data insights.  

Implementation of Salesforce Sales Cloud Services  

Salesforce provides businesses or organizations with a structured platform that helps them expand and boost productivity in today’s competitive world. The purpose of the Salesforce Sales Cloud is to automate the sales process, facilitating both sales managers and reps, and streamline the entire sales cycle. According to a study, proper implementation of the Salesforce Sales Cloud can increase up to 38% sales productivity, 28% sales revenue, and 26% opportunity win rate. Implementing the Salesforce Sales Cloud services is one of the best solutions for creating a well-structured sales process.  

At present, Salesforce is used by almost 150,000 customers belonging to all types of industries for meeting their business needs. Implementation of Sales cloud can offer extensive services like automated reporting, scalable dashboards, AI analytics, individualized outreach, customization, migration, configuration, and lots more. These services will further set sales quotas, forecast sales, and manage different territories.  

In this context, it is worth mentioning that opting for a CRM solution is just an initial step. The successful outcome of a business will always depend on the user’s capabilities. The implementation stage is a critical stage for salespersons. But it becomes essential for companies or organizations to install Salesforce Sales Cloud after purchasing CRM software.  

There are a number of ways in which businesses benefit from implementing Salesforce Sales Cloud services such as enhancing sales performance, generating more leads, accomplishing deals quickly, making appropriate or close predictions, etc.  

Benefits of Salesforce Sales Cloud implementation  

Salesforce Sales Cloud helps a business reach new heights in numerous ways.  

  • Reliable Reporting  

Data management is a crucial part of all businesses, companies, and organizations. A business organization or a company can collect data from sources like business software applications, CRM, social media tools, etc. But the data gathered in an unclean and unstructured format will be of no significance. Also, utilizing the data collected from sources like Buffer or Google will not be resourceful enough for a business to make constructive decisions.  

In such cases, the sales cloud does a thorough analysis of the data and by eliminating the errors from the data, it also helps in collating, tabulating, and arranging the data in a proper manner. Another advantage of this CRM solution is that it helps in understanding which digital source a particular customer has used to reach a specific business organization or company. For example, an organization can carry out this task by letting the customers fill in a form, sending them mail, or connecting to them via ads on social media.  An organization can also run reports to identify opportunities, interaction with leads and customers, customer services efforts, and some more.  

  • Dashboards 

It is convenient for businesses to access technology driven facilities to enter all the departmental metrics in one platform without investing in manual labor. Salesforce cloud does the job by creating a graphical representation of the stored data. After the successful implementation of Salesforce Sales Cloud, dashboard is one of the major benefits a business organization gains. The dashboard can be established for every department that will consist of the credentials of the CRM platform.  

  • Customized Outreach  

All customers have different choices and tastes. This also applies to business organizations focusing on the target audience. The monitoring of data-driven audience activities is very useful for creating customized or personalized marketing campaigns and spreading these campaigns among the audience through personalized messages in both manual and automated campaigns. This feature of Salesforce cloud is like an added benefit and allows a business to set up a series of automated mails which will connect them to the audience.  

  • Effective prompt service  

Whether a business organization is aiming for a manual campaign or an automated one, the marketing solution should be appealing to the audience. Salesforce data is very useful to automate more personalized or targeted outreach within the marketing domain. This will be very beneficial to the sales team and will also contribute towards improving customer services.  

When the sales team is aware of the interests and choices of the customers, they can easily solve the issues within a short time. Since the data is visible to them on the dashboard, they don’t need to probe much about information. This makes the work of sales time easy and sorted and also saves a lot of time. 

  • Automation yields Effectivenes 

Automation is another extremely important aspect of the Salesforce Sales Cloud. It minimizes the time wasted on finding leads and ultimately navigating to them. In order to achieve efficiency within the organization, nowadays businesses are resorting to automated procedures and marketing protocols.  

It can also solve the general queries of the customers in much lesser time by using chatbots and automated messaging support. This also saves time for the marketing teams and they can concentrate on planning further brainstorming marketing campaigns for the audience.  

  • Effective Collaboration  

As already mentioned, the Salesforce Cloud is very user-friendly and can be accessed from anywhere, anytime. It is just required by the team members to have all the login credentials. Everyone with access to the Salesforce Sales Cloud can work using the shared records. This is how it does great collaborative work using devices and software channels.  

Salesforce Sales Cloud Integration  

Salesforce Sales Cloud Integration helps to boost business efficiency and achieve growth. The purpose of Salesforce integration services is to provide seamless connection of Salesforce solutions to other business-critical systems. Salesforce Cloud Integration can be helpful to a business in the following ways: –  

  • Connect the front office purposes such as sales, marketing and customer services with back-office activities mainly account, production and logistics departments.  
  • Automate business operations from end to end 
  • Allow sales reps to access the functionality they require through Salesforce interface.  
  • Improve user experience with a single authentication process.  
  • Offer a seamless and consistent customer experience.  
  • Progress by using Salesforce App  
  • Enhances productivity of the employees 
  • Reduces manual tasks and helps in increasing efficiency in a business.  

Benefits of Salesforce Sales Cloud Integration  

  • Efficient Business Collaboration  

Salesforce integration provides a number of valuable solutions that allow a business person to transfer files and important documents into cloud storage. Employees don’t need to download data from one platform and then upload it to another for sharing purposes. This saves a lot of time for the employees and is very convenient for teams when working under pressure, or tight deadlines.  

Salesforce Sales Cloud is helpful for keeping up the productive spirit of teams by offering relevant tools for team interaction, communication and exchanging information. This is how sensitive data can also be protected while still being available and accessible to the people who need it.  

  • Enhance marketing strategies  

Salesforce Sales Cloud provides sales teams with a dynamic, unified view of customer interaction, their activities in all the conventional and digital platforms. Understanding the choices and purchasing patterns of customers can be helpful for improving customer experience. With this, it is easy to detect up-sell and cross-sell possibilities as well.  

Besides, it also keeps sales managers informed about the efficiency of teams. Owners or higher authorities can also watch progress of work across all departments including marketing, support, and case management. Salesforce cloud indeed makes it easier to monitor the tasks of other teams to close deals sooner.  

  • Cloud-based CRM options 

Salesforce Sales Cloud was developed to streamline workflow, track business deals, and establish tasks along with contact collaboration. It can be accessed from anywhere and anytime to remain updated about the business status. It comes with a Salesforce mobile app with which one can access data from any location safely. It also ensures that the leads are transferred efficiently among specific departments. Such a process also offers excellent services to the customers from beginning to end.  

Businesses can efficiently access the customer data and get in touch with them whenever necessary integrating Salesforce lighting with other popular cloud software.  

  • The Mobile App Service  

Users can use the platform simply by using the Salesforce mobile app that can be accessed easily via a smartphone or tablet. To stay updated, one can use the app to scrutinize data, reports, and calendars. This mobile app comes with a number of important functions such as contact management, sales productivity efforts, and ingenious CRM technologies. Besides, it also allows the teams to access personalized dashboards for tracking data, get real-time information about the team activities, and handle projects.   

When employees remain informed and updated about the necessary ongoing business operations in an organization, it helps them in enhancing sales and upholding their productivity.  

  • Offer better services to customers 

Salesforce Sales Cloud helps businesses to interact with customers so that they can remain on the priority list of business personalities when potential business opportunities make an appearance. This is how businesses remain informed about their clients without requiring them to send emails or depending on arbitrary decisions.   

Getting a clear understanding of customers purchase details, businesses can plan their marketing strategies accordingly. The platform also helps users keep track of interactions so that they can be informed about previous conversations with customers and the comments made by them.  

Bottom Line

The productivity of a business depends on the efficiency of its employees in conducting specific tasks and ensuring quality services for the customers. The aim of the Salesforce Sales Cloud is to make business operations successful and allow the employees to carry out their duties smoothly. According to different studies, Salesforce Sales Cloud can be very effective in increasing lead volume up to 43%, win rate by almost 36%, and customer retention up to about 45%. In a nutshell, the Salesforce sales cloud is extremely beneficial to the business owners for enhancing revenue and increasing productivity.  

If you are seeking a comprehensive Salesforce Sales Cloud solution for your business, we at Webuters are here at your service. Webuters is one of the leading Salesforce development companies offering the best practices and powerful strategies for your business irrespective of size. Connect with our Salesforce consultants today.  

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