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About The Client

The client, a trusted and reputed business in the U.S., offers an online cloud-based AI chatbot platform to build bots for messenger. There Conversational Marketing Platform negotiates and closes the Business proposals and deals by real time interactions with appropriate and viable business clients. The automation process real time leads, look after the meeting schedules and synthesize the best business leads to the live company representatives.

Business Challenges

The world of Technology and its paradigms require User-friendly Interface for its fruitful realization in any domain or service cloud. Such Interface which facilitates press, click and drag & drop to enable end-users in real time creation of Business Bots.  

  • The Business website and the Bot editor has their own intrinsic and external roles to play and cannot undermine each other’s roles. They should be synchronised parallel in such a way that applications can smoothly access the tasks by end users on the internet and the giant architecture of Instant AI Application can be controlled at hand.  
  • Bot Conversations needs to be stored, managed and synthesized instantly, in rather fast and secured way accompanied with real time conversational data storage and processing.  

With all this, the result should be Data Management and synchronisation of the current and new users into newly created Database model. Data here is the real time Conversations.  

Webuters' Solution

The existing Architecture of Client was unable to deal with ever changing, real-time voluminous Chat data (conversation data) and its synchronization thereby the collapse was looming. The Big Data problem reigned supreme along with the need of a User Friendly Interface, which solved many other issues. After synthesizing and balancing Client’s requirements, current scenario, operations and issues, the only prospect was to go knee deep in agile methodologies for various stages and their related challenges in multilevel life cycle phases.

UI/UX Customization

The customization in the UI/UX were made to make it dynamic, user friendly Intelligent Interface which was deployed with the Bot Editor, giving the End User the remote control of drag n drop based options, thereby creating the needed bot immediately for particular client operation.

Data Synchronization with AES

For efficient data synchronization, Amazon Elastic Search (AES) was deployed. This further helped in achieving corporate goals and visions by providing best predictive analytics of the user world.


The Architecture was further integrated with AWS CloudFront along with S3 Bucket for demarking a line between the business website and the respective bot editor so that the application remains easily accessible and lightly loaded.

The Impact

Technology tweaks in the client’s existing system were needed to make it an intelligent bot interface. The end result was a smooth sailing operations for the client through user-friendly Interface that integrates and deploys “Smart Bots” for its Messenger Space to achieve organizational visions. Separate business website and bot editor and data synchronization with real time conversation storage has completely changed the picture. The challenges were accepted, worked upon and now the system works efficiently with amazing result catering to organizational perspectives and goals.

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