B2B eCcommerce Solution and App to Make an Impact


About The Client

A US-based company with its offices spread across many countries deals in Finished Goods and Print on Demand products. They provide a wide range of customized visual communications solutions ranging from executing their ideas to customized finished goods and delivering them to the customers.

Business Challenges

A B2B solution in Shopify with the implementation of a TruDesk ticket-managing system for the order approval process came as a challenge. The XMPie APIs for print-on-demand products were to be used to complete the process and move information from one to another server for printing. Connecting the website with the monarch for payment handling and FedEx for shipping method handling was another challenge that came across.  

Since a lot of customization was required in both frontend and backend of the website, it became a challenge due to the following restrictions of Shopify: 

  • No access to the database of Shopify to make any modification, only the set of APIs was provided to work. 
  • No modification were allowed in the Shopify website backend neither the use of any API was possible. The dependency on 3rd party apps for many customizations.  
  • Any 3rd party API not used directly in the frontend. Excess data was pushed to metafields because of no access to create an extra table within the Shopify store  
  • The role of staff members was restricted to viewing and managing of a particular section.  

Webuters' Solution

After pensive analysis and discussion, an app was created to meet the extra requirements and integrate it to the Shopify website. The separate interface for vendors and staff members let’s super admin have access to everything. A pre-built app was used to meet the vendor management needs as per the business requirement. Webuters team then created an app using Angular8 and .Net to give the required access to the staff members where they can manage products, customers and orders specific to them. .Net was used as the base to create some APIs that consume APIs of Shopify, fetch data from there, store extra information to a custom database that is in MSSQL and pass the data to Angular app that can display the information as per the client requirement. The integration of app with Trudesk, creation of a mail feature was to create a ticket and send a mail to admin when a cart is sent for approval, with a link to the cart. Upon action taken by admin is updated to the customer to take the necessary action. The app also takes care of Monarch integration and FedEx shipping methods as well as the Print on demand Items, the data is collected and pushed to server for publishing.

The Impact

The customization to Shopify store were made, and the app was integrated to meet the additional requirement that were hindered by the Shopify restrictions. A clean backend interface for admin made management easy for our customer. The staff members and vendors now have their own space to manage things, where latter can access things from front end by visiting the vendor portal. The admin can view and manage everything on the store. With the elegant and smooth front end, customers can easily search for their desired products and place orders. The training manuals were included to help them understand the process, refer in case of doubt and keep things running smooth. All the challenges involved were addresses and overcame; customer’s requirement was met and delivered product added value their business.

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