The world is now video-enabled in every sphere of Business, Education and Life. With the advent of technology, new innovations, the world is quickly moving to video oriented applications, accompanied with easy, quick and good quality deployments.

Webuters was contacted for cloud-enabled video clip execution and management system which would require no human interference for smoothly running of Graduation Ceremony videos. Earlier the running of smaller clips, their execution, debugging and implementation, each and every phase was done manually by the customer. Now the they were looking for an automated system to replace the manual work involved.

Moving the Rocks

  • The video editing needed a powerful interface, which we call Graduation Ceremony Management Panel.
  • The video panel was required to have subtitles, sub menus from interfaces to take care of video uploading, insertion, adding, deleting and other features.
  • The video panel was also required to have a third party integration and easily deployable plugins for multiple application environments and application domains. The customer was also looking for file format matching of versions.

Let’s Play the Video

AWS Cloud System was incorporated to meet the customer expectation. The easy to use, lightweight Management Console was made with its effective admin panel with roles defined for user registrations. The fully automated system took graduation ceremony video file and details in a particular order and from that the system took over recurrently and efficiently

The Graduation Video Management Panel/Software delivered by Webuters offered better video management to the customer along with seamless integration of quality, quantity, timelines and embedded frames. The end user was happy with the quick and high quality video deployment activity.


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