A US-based company was looking for customization of purchased Salesforce Accounting Seed Package to optimize it for organizational needs. The company was using this Salesforce.com package to manage their day-to-day tasks in their business.

This package looked after day-to-day tasks, business processes, suppliers, vendors, end users, distributors, primarily inventory and other operations. However, there was a need for custom changes for making most of the purchased package.

Challenges of Extensibility Environment.

Customizing the accounting seed package required mapping of customer requirements of managing complex accounts environment along with different modules and daily occurrences. All this should be adapted to real time running of the system with input and output parameters and changing requirements. The integral customization was to enforce upon to eradicate manual intervention and make the system efficient.

In this project, the prime requirement was to develop core functionality connecting all the application interfaces and process goals. Understanding, executing and brainstorming customer’s complex requirements into real time system with continuous improvements in increments and good output was one of the challenges. The customer’s system being live, required the deployment of new incremental system in stages without disturbing the core functionalities and daily routine of current system setup.

The Customized Solution – How far will the improved Salesforce Package work?

We brainstormed and gave solution for customization of accounting seed package in a unique manner. The early purchased solution has loopholes along with equipment serialization limitations. Webuters developed functionalities that made their task management process easy, as well as a functionality using which they can easily give serial numbers to equipment. with the customized pacakage, customer can make the most of the package.

The task management was now broken down digitally which was done manually earlier. Everything from managing labor, material, labor rates, partially resources etc. can be managed from the package.

Now, inventory management and warehouse to site transfers are possible, earlier only warehouse to warehouse transfers were possible. Also, the customer can check the product hierarchy and have a customized purchased order line. Additionally, they enjoy the custom functionality of project template to use the existing data from other project that has been used in past. In a nutshell, Webuters helped overcome the limitations of the purchased package.

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