Customization of Salesforce Accounting Software to Optimized Version

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Business Need

A company in the United States was using the Salesforce Accounting Seed package to manage tasks and meet operational goals. The Salesforce Accounting Seed package was used to manage daily tasks, business processes, suppliers, vendors, end users, distributors, inventory, and other operations. The package met some of their needs, but there was still a need for consulting and software customization to make the most of the investment and achieve the organizational goals.

Business Challenges

Customizing the accounting seed package required mapping of difficult client requirements of managing complex accounts environment along with different modules and daily occurrences. All this should be adapted to the real-time running of the system with input and output parameters and changing requirements. The Integral Customizations was to enforce upon to eradicate manual intervention and efforts in the system.  

In this project, the prime requirement was to develop the core functionality of communication infrastructure with a good User Interface connecting all the application interfaces and process goals. Understanding, executing, and brainstorming the Client’s complex requirements into a real-time system with continuous improvements in increments and good output was also one of the challenges. The Client System being live required the deployment of a new incremental system in stages without disturbing the core functionalities and daily routine of the current infrastructure setup. 

Webuters' Solution

Webuters brainstormed and gave solutions for the customization of the accounting seed packages in a unique manner. The early purchased solution has loopholes along with equipment serialization limitations. The serial numbers needed to be addressed at the correct places along with custom changes to the equipment and their counterparts. A strong task management was deployed with added functionality to monitor the system processes and respective phases as serial numbers were being allocated to the equipment in sequence. The task Management Timeline was now broken down digitally than which was done manually earlier. The task Management and the respective interface took care of partial resources like labor rates, materials, and other items. This facilitated better inventory management and warehouse system where site transfers to and fro to the warehouse is permissible where in earlier cases, this pertained strictly to warehouses to and fro.

The Impact

The Client can now use the drag, drop, and click modules to all their benefits. They can see the Product hierarchy, customize purchase order line. Even the project template of previous project datasets can be used in current forms. Purchase vendor PDF Generation based on the purchase order line can be generated easily and a notification email of all the rendering and processing goes to all eminent people or vendors of the system. Opportunities can now be studied more broadly along with their feasibility study and projects be created with one single click from the same. Now reservation of equipment/release and allocation for different projects was better scheduled and synchronized at Client’s end and for general functions. Transferring of equipment among the warehouses was also facilitated at the click of a button. Other than this, the extensive list of added functionalities is voluminous.

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