Enhanced Online Selling Experience with WooCommerce & Custom Development


About The Client

The client is a US based company selling artisanal products. They were in need of an efficient way to enhance their presence, reach more people digitally and be able to sell more with no hassles.

Business Challenges

The client was looking for Single nodal management of products for improved online selling and delivering better customer management. Being able to track order status was another essential factor for efficient product selling in their e-business, as well as the ability to check sold out, shipped, damaged and pending orders cannot be neglected.

Webuters' Solution

Combining WordPress and WooCommerce was not enough to meet all of the customer's requirements. The final solution is entirely customer-focused, offering a flawless shopping experience to the user as well as ease of management to the owner.

WooCommerce Implementation

We combined WordPress and WooCommerce to allow businesses to manage all aspects of their operations through this open-source platform.

Custom Plugin

A custom plugin was created to help with the efficient management of product information.

Payment Gateway Integration

PayPal payment gateway was integrated to make the transactions involved in buying and selling products as smooth as possible.

The Impact

The solution allows the client to sell online with ease while also managing customers efficiently.

Adding Customized Products

It is quick and easy to introduce customised products to customers.

Easy Product Management

It is extremely simple to manage product data, customers, and order status.

Improved Selling

The customer is delighted to have an advantage in the competitive world of online selling.

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