A customer contacted Webuters for a solution to fetch daily campaign details from multiple Google Adwords accounts. The data from multiple Google Adwords account including impressions, clicks, costs and other details was required.

The customer was looking for setting up the complete Google Adwords like environment in the Salesforce.com. All to manage multiple Google Adwords account from a single platform.

Challenges and Discussion

The Google Adwords campaigns works faster for any business in generating traffic and leads. For collection of data from multiple Google Adwords Accounts and sending it to Salesforce, a library was needed for Account campaign performance report details.

There was a need to create some functions to get all the campaign details required by the customer. As the nature of the data was changing, so the data fetched from Google Adwords also needed to be updated from time to time in the Salesforce. The requirement also raised the need for a daily scheduler for campaigns.

Multiple Google Adwords Account Data Managed from Salesforce

Google Adword campaigns are being used by every business to increase sales. And the customer was no different, they wanted to use their Adwords Accounts effectively. Knowing the importance of the required data, team at Webuters decided to use Nodejs for completing the client’s requirement. AWS Lamda functions were created to save and retrieve the information. Lamda functions also fulfilled the need for daily scheduler for campaigns. The data collected from multiple Adwords accounts was made available into Salesforce, to give a single pint control of data to the customer, which can be filtered on the basis of days, week, month and year.

The data collection, management, and storage in an effective manner was achieved with the use of best technologies. The end result is helping customer’s business.

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