Implementation of Custom CRM Improved Customer Relations

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About The Client

The customer was looking for a solution that can improve the flow of information within their organization without disturbing the present flow of information. They additionally were looking to be able to manage cases efficiently, accompanied with a speedy collection of data by their sales and marketing teams.

The need for data and the management of data cannot be neglected. As the right management of data at right time can easily turn visitors into business.

Business Challenges

The client was handling business processes manually and needed a solution to improve the accuracy and manage processes in a better way. 

  • Manual handling of cases and complaints raises by customers. 
  • Error-prone calculation of gross profit due to manual efforts involved. 
  • Manual customer support process was not enough. 
  • Tracking the case status and the count for open and closed cases was time-consuming and handled manually. 

Webuters' Solution

CRM (Customer relationship management) strategy was followed to help customers build long-lasting relationships with their customers, which thereby will increase the profits.   The entire process efficiently handled within the custom CRM created for their business model. From adding a lead to winning the opportunity, everything is possible on clicks. The prior difficulties of reporting on the opportunity and appointment data are vanished. The implementation of CRM made it possible to quickly report on issues.   The customer’s difficulty in handling the cases eliminated with the CRM’s case management system where all cases handled in an efficient manner. Development of Case section was to give a boost to their support team. The customer support process was automatized, where CRM fetch mail from support mail address and create a support case in CRM with all the relevant information. Sending notifications for every stage of case was possible through CRM as their support team is targeted on the number of tickets closed and open.

The Impact

The successful implementation of CRM is now driving decisions in the client’s business. Someone has said “Time is money” and the CRM has automated the processes thereby saving their time consumed in manual process. The CRM significantly helped improve information flow in the organization as well as contributed in building better customer relations. In addition, customer’s sales and marketing teams are able to collect more data on current and potential customers in less time.

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