Implementation of Salesforce Einstein Analytics and Customization

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About The Client

The company is a non-profit technology consortium founded in 2000. They support & contribute to innovation, growth in open-source technologies. It also hosts and promotes the collaborative development of open-source software projects. The company build sustainable ecosystems around open-source projects to accelerate technology development and commercial adoption.
Apart from that, they also run many programs for providing membership, and certification for technology gigs.

Business Challenges

When we landed with customer, that time few major challenges were:

  • Any reports or analysis for sales/membership teams were executed by the core analytics team. This was time consuming for the analytics team, and sales VPs were unable to quickly gather up-to-date metrics on the performance of their sales teams.
  • Populating the reporting stats, dashboard using salesforce data which doesn’t have direct or indirect relation.
  • Handling data coming from multiple sources.
  • In addition, the analytics in practice were limited with standard sales cloud, because data was siloed in various forms, making it difficult and time consuming to clean and consolidate the data for ongoing analysis/reporting.

Webuters' Solution

We have explored all the use-cases with Salesforce Einstein and was very impressed with offering this tool has. With Einstein all the out-of-the box capabilities was easily being done. We have implemented and arranged the attractive dashboard for business team for following purposes:

Dashboard for Foundational Membership

We setup/build attractive dashboard, using which business can quickly check the membership growth, Total revenue earning on specified times, Membership details etc.

Growth Monitoring Dashboard

Where business can see the insights for their membership program growth.


Implementation of many other useful stats for out-of-the box implementation using lightning components. Like: Foundation stats, Products stats etc.

The Impact

Apart from development and deployment of setup, we also helped business in cleaning and consolidating all the pre-existing CRM data for better analytics/reporting. Here is how our solution benefited the client.

Increased employee productivity

Einstein Analytics users was now being able to experience increased productivity, because the solution is offering ad-hoc analysis capabilities with a clean, centralized data repository.

Improved data quality

Prior to Einstein Analytics cloud, analytics users spent an average of 15 percent of their time cleaning data for out-of-the box reporting, because the information had to be collected and analysed using Excel sometimes. Today, this data cleansing period has been eliminated and users can spend more time analysing instead of spending hours on tedious data cleansing.

Goal oriented process

Pro-active reporting helped business in taking pro-active decisions for better outcomes.

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