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About The Client

Founded in 2014, the client is a leading asset capture solution provider from Australia. The asset capture solution offered by the company is used across industries from Oil & Gas to government facilities. The company is helping asset intensive organizations in improving the quality of asset data that is being used by the organizations for management of assets across their business.

Business Challenges

The need for cost effective system that could handle from smallest to the largest of the projects was addressed. Designing the system with Auto Synchronization of large number of Asset Records and Photos from Mobile to Cloud, along with the Dynamic User Interface as per Asset Type was challenging at first. As well as developing a web app, converting existing data to new format and fetching data from images was no less of a challenge.  

Webuters' Solution

A database was designed using AWS DynamoDB for meeting the storage needs. To meet the need of auto synch of data, AWS App Sync was put to use for synchronization of Data from Mobile to Cloud and the vise versa. AWS S3 Bucket was used for storage of images. Keeping the long-term goals in mind, GraphQL was selected for handling complex queries, and React Native was chosen to make the cross-platform Mobile App, in order to keep the future upgrade of features and issue fixing easy. A web app was also created to make a move from The web app created offers complete data management. The use of DZI image viewer shows images accompanied with the fast loading and deep zooming. As the customer details with multiple images, so zoom, pane, invert and brightness retaining facility for each image is included separately. The voluminous picture data was converted to new format. Based on the business nature it was required to fetch the data from images, for which Webuters used Amazon Rekognition service. AI is used to convert audio/video speech to text through transcribe service. 

The Impact

The Mobile and Web app proved to be a complete asset capture and management solution for the client. It allows completion of audits in a shorter time, provides better offline to online Data Synchronization, offers better data management, making it easy to capture and manage asset data. Webuters solution gives the client the ease of handling multiple images, intelligently fetches the required data from images and AI-enabled features to eliminate the manual efforts. The mobile and web app for the client are what it desired to handle large amount of data on a regular basis.

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