Intelligent RPA (end-to-end) Automation Improved Nonprofit’s Efficiency and Productivity

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About The Client

The client is a global non-profit with operations in 70 countries that works at the intersection of business, forests, and agriculture. The mission of the organisation is to promote sustainable development through the efficient use of natural resources.

Business Challenges

The client was using several legacy systems as well as Salesforce as a centralised platform. Their processes were manual and reliant on humans for the majority of their work, which resulted in inaccurate data. The client desired to transition to a fully automated system in order to bridge data gaps and save time and money.

Webuters' Solution

As the customer's technology partner, we integrated Blue Prism RPA with Salesforce CRM to automate manual processes. This allowed the client's team to quickly and efficiently automate tasks that previously took up valuable time. By automating these processes, we freed up time for the client's business team to focus on other tasks that contribute to their success.

Automate Manual Process

The elimination of error-prone manual data entry, rules, and processes in Salesforce that were done via legacy system aided in the speeding up and saving of operations.

Automate Compliance Process

With automated processes, we can make managing and operating businesses for compliance easier than ever before.

The Impact

The implementation of RPA resulted in an overall improvement in business operations, including increased operational speed, increased productivity, lower technical barriers, refocusing skilled employees, and improved internal control and compliance.

85% Manual Work Reduction

By automating the process of managing donor data and fundraising using RPA, Webuters helped client save a significant amount of time and effort.

100%Approval Flow Automation

The business approval flows in Salesforce were fully automated using the Native approach.

100%Contract Process Automation

The automation of the digital contract creation and signing process aided the business's compliance team by reducing the time and effort required to create and sign contracts.

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