Web presence directly affects growth of any business. To stay competitive, a US-based business contacted Webuters for development of a website to have maximum exposure online.

In this competitive era, having a website for business is not enough, if it does not have the power to convert visitors into customers, it has no future. Customer’s need of selling artisanal products in an efficient way for maximum online exposure was listened, analyzed and strategized.

Flawless Online Selling Experience

Single nodal management of products for enhanced online selling and better customer management with data represented on to a dashboard was needed. To deal with smart customers, you need to deliver a smarter digital experience to them; to make it possible customers must see the product details as and when required.


Tracking order status is another essential factor for product selling e-business, the ability to check sold out, shipped, damaged and pending orders cannot be neglected. Ensuring that the business runs seamlessly online with better customer engagement was on the highest priority.

Enhanced User Shopping Experience Delivered

The ease of selling online and managing customers, both are possible with the solution delivered by Webuters. Introducing customized products to the customers is quick and simple. Managing product data, customers and keeping a track of order status doesn’t is easy like never.


The customer is happily enjoying an edge in the competitive world of online selling.

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