Smart apps these days are the talk of the town. Smart room service, smart drive, ways to convert a normal room to smart room, many are the names of this multifaceted technology and its amazing development environment. Smart control solutions can make any business rise in its success graphs. Webuters has maneuvered many projects on real time requirements with best embedded, mobile and web based solutions across the globe for meeting day-to-day needs to industry needs of clients. Thereby giving them the exact solutions to overcome the challenges.

The hospitality industry needed an IT enabled solution that would connect the guest and the managers, along with hospitality staff, which would unravel the list of services to area specific, luxurious amenities which can be streamlined and synchronized on click of a button. Webuters solution is unboxing unrivalled suite experience on to a Mobile App for a hospitality customer.

Smart App upgrading the hospitality experience

The requirements were speculated and scrutinized for the best-fit solution for customer’s business. They were looking for a solution that can be used by hotel/restaurant owners to facilitate their customers from different nodal points of the same location. They needed a solution that can enable customers to order from any location in the hotel and any menu, which can be delivered right to the place they ordered from. The Differential equations of Menu depends on the place of Service, for example, a different Menu for gym, swimming pool, for table tennis court, for bar etc.

In a nutshell, the customer was looking for a technology solution that can revamp and upgrade the hospitality experience for both owners and customers.


The Multipurpose App changed hospitality experience.

The consistent working environment with effective client collaborations, the mobile App created both havoc in the world of competition and magic for the hotel owners as well as for customers who can now enjoy the full listed amenities in a jiffy, by just using a remote control kind of App.

The solution provided by Webuters to the customer in the form of an Intelligent Multipurpose App for hospitality industry is a successful solution.


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