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About The Client

The client is a large US hospitality company with hotels across the country and a presence in numerous other countries. The client was looking for a technology solution that could revitalise and improve the hospitality experience for both hotel owners and guests.

Business Challenges

The hospitality client serving in multiple countries required an IT-enabled solution that would connect guests and managers with hospitality staff and offer a list of services including area specific, luxurious amenities that their customers could book and order with a few clicks.

Webuters' Solution

A solution that hotel/restaurant owners can use to facilitate their customers from various nodal points within the same location. A solution that allows customers to order from any location in the hotel and from any menu, and have their orders delivered directly to their rooms or any specific area of the hotel.

Order From Anywhere

Customers can order from any location using this app. Orders can be placed from and for their specific location, such as rooms of stay, conference or banquet halls, from any theme specific menu.

Automated Ordering System

The ordering system is so powerful that the app automatically sends orders to the Hotel POS System, which is powered by any customer's ordering activity at a specific location. The customer is then notified that the order is being processed.

Enhanced App Experience for Managers

This app also improves hotel/restaurant managers' experience. They can easily manage hotel menus, menu modifications, item types modified, and other process enhancements that can be shared with everyone as time and requirements change.

The Impact

Better Customer and Hotel Connection

Customers can communicate with hotel/restaurant managers and staff much more effectively using the app. They have the most intelligent experience while using the app and enjoying the hotel's services.

Automated Ordering System

The automated ordering system does not require human assistance to send orders to the Hotel POS System. An order is automatically sent to the hotel's POS System based on a customer's ordering activity at a specific location. After that, the customer is notified that the order is being processed.

Customer and Hotel Friendly

Customers can explore the full range of services available based on their specific location within the hotel and have anything and everything ordered delivered to the location from which they ordered. The app makes it extremely simple for hotels to receive and deliver orders, as well as keep customers up to date.

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