A New York-based international non-governmental organisation (NGO) was scrambling to manage the nonprofit’s various components across multiple systems. They required a technology solution that could be seamlessly integrated into their existing business model and provide them with a 360-degree view of their business partners, customers, and vendors via a centralised IT-System.

Salesforce for nonprofit case study

The Blockers in the Road

Multiple systems are used to manage various departments and business processes making it a complex work. Things were done the traditional way using Outlook, SharePoint, and various fundraising systems. This was a daunting task to manage departments and processes handled by them. The major challenges the customer was facing:

  • • Different types of data was used by different departments and no single point of management for that.
  • • No centralized system to track the information which makes it difficult to make decisions based on information flow.
  • • As an NGO involves a lot of contracts, payments, donor information etc. But due to no single point of sensitive data storage, the management of such data was lacking security.
  • • A lot of approvals going on within the business, but no authentic automation was setup which could have made it efficient.
  • • The way business was doing relationship tracking was very tiring job, the process needed smart tracking of relationships.

How Webuters Helped?

There were visible improvements in the overall management of the NGO after implementing Salesforce NPSP:

  • Streamlined business processes
  • Easy tracking of constituents’ activities and contributions
  • Improved community engagement
  • Better campaigns and events management
  • Easy tracking of donors, donations, and grant programmes
  • Efficient reporting and analytics
  • Quick data visualisation with dashboards,
  • Automated workflows & processes
  • Centralised data management

The Salesforce Nonprofit pack not only greatly improved the customer’s working experience, but it also completely eliminated the need for multiple systems. Discover how Salesforce NPSP can improve your non-profit experience. Talk to us!


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