Salesforce Journey of NGO Accelerated With Splunk

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About The Client

The client is a global non-governmental organisation with offices in over 70 countries. By transforming land-use practises, business practises, and consumer behaviour, the client works to conserve biodiversity and ensure sustainable livelihoods.

Business Challenges

The client’s main challenge was the lack of a centralised log management system. Salesforce was integrated with systems, and all of the systems generate logs on their respective devices (system / security / event), making log management difficult and time-consuming. Another major concern for the client was the security of business data. The NGO needed the best approach for collecting, analysing, prioritising, grouping, visualising, and reporting security-related data in order to understand and respond to data threats.

Webuters' Solution

Webuters addressed the business challenges, and by integrating Splunk with Salesforce.

Splunk-Salesforce Integration

To capture and monitoring massive amounts of data siloed from various systems, Webuters integrated Salesforce and Splunk. This not just helped the operational efficiency but also automated the operations.

Multiple Data Sources Used

Salesforce, Classy Fundraising system, DocuSign, DocGen and Other SaaS Database, Endpoint logs, Operating system logs, and other business operations data were major data sources used in this Salesforce-Splunk integration.

The Impact

We believe in the power of integration.

The integration resulted in noticeable improvements in the NGO’s overall management – increased operational efficiency, quick and accurate troubleshooting, reduced downtime, optimised maintenance, enhanced reporting and analytics, and GEO location-based insights for data security. To discover how implementing Splunk can transform your business. Talk to us!

100%Data-Driven Insights

Using powerful data-driven insights, the business now makes better decisions about how to use massive amounts of data.

80%Improved Operational Efficiency

The client saw an increase in the efficiency of their internal processes as well as operations that were automated in Splunk after integrating Splunk with Salesforce.

70%Reduced Downtime

With the integration of Splunk and Salesforce, the company now has less downtime, which contributes to business profits.

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