Salesforce-Netsuite Integration Improved a Nonprofit’s Lead-to-Invoice Process

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About The Client

They are a global non-governmental organization (NGO) with headquarters in New York City and operations all over the world. They make a significant contribution to environmental certification for long-term sustainability in forestry, agriculture, and tourism. They run a training and certification programme to train farmers and people, as well as provide a certificate seal that informs consumers about business practices based on certain standards they set.

Business Challenges

The customer’s main challenge was the involvement of multiple systems and manual labour. The organization uses the Classy application for fundraising and has also moved to Salesforce. The entire prospect-to-vendor-to-customer transition was handled manually. Data synchronization between Netsuite and the accounting team was also done manually.

In general, the nonprofit was having trouble mapping and tracking its finances. Managing financial insights and tracking where the fund came from and where it was invested took time and effort.

Webuter's Solution

Webuters used iPaaS Integration to connect Salesforce and NetSuite using REST API calls as a solution.

iPaaS integration

IPaaS Integration was used to connect Salesforce and NetSuite via REST API calls. IPaaS Integration has exposed the Salesforce end API endpoints, which have been utilized to run all the get () and post () API calls to gather data from Salesforce, which are then mapped to NetSuite using exposed NetSuite web services. This entire integration was built by Webuters.

Multiple Integrations Developed

Webuters developed multiple types of integration for the business. Overall, the integration involves transmitting six distinct data types from Salesforce to NetSuite via IPaaS calls.

Data Synchronization

For this integration, simple data synchronization from Salesforce to NetSuite was insufficient. Using IPaaS as a middleware for field mapping and custom logic, we send the correct data to the mapping tables and then to the appropriate systems for matching.

The Impact

We believe in the power of integration.

The integration of NetSuite ERP and Salesforce CRM benefits the nonprofit's overall business process. This integration has also helped the nonprofit organization reduce overall system costs by consolidating their various systems into one platform. The integration has also resulted in a significant increase in productivity.

65%Operation improvement

With Salesforce and Netsuite integration the business now enjoys an overall improvement in operations.

80%Manual work reduced

The business has now automated process, which results into faster and more efficient working.

90%Data accuracy

The business benefits from a faster and more efficient lead to invoice process as a result of improved data accuracy due to automation.

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