Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP) Implementation for an International Nonprofit

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About The Client

They are a global non-governmental organisation (NGO) with headquarters in New York City and operations all over the world. They make a significant contribution to environmental certification for long-term sustainability in forestry, agriculture, and tourism.

Business Challenges

The client was running their business and managing their various departments and business processes using a variety of IT systems and tools such as Outlook, SharePoint, Classy, Netsuite, SnapLogic, and others. It was difficult to manage all of the information for business partners, departments, and customers because there was no centralised location to do so.

Webuters' Solution

We understood the client's long-term organisational objective and vision based on our discussion and fact-finding research. We recommended that the client use Salesforce NPSP to effectively manage all constituents, improve operational efficiency, and use it as a one-stop place for all of their organisational needs.

Salesforce NPSP Implementation

Using the NPSP Cloud, we successfully deployed a business solution in which all business data (donations, gifts, grants, opportunities, accounts, agreements, etc.) is categorised and managed by separate NPSP constituents. We have created various automations and implementations so that data can be easily pushed, created, and managed in Salesforce.

Business Process Automation

We used lightning flows and automation scripts to automate various business approval and review processes, removing the extra time that manual processes caused.

Attachment and Chatter Feature

The salesforce attachment and chatter feature enabled users to create, store, and collaborate on business documents within Salesforce, reducing reliance on external systems.

The Impact

The Salesforce NPSP implementation assisted the client in streamlining their processes, managing and tracking constituents more effectively, resulting in a significant improvement in operational efficiency. With a proactive approach and planning, the Nonprofit Success Pack adoption assisted the nonprofit in achieving their business goals.

100%Centralized Data

The manual work was greatly reduced with the implementation of Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP) and its integration with other systems in use.

90%Automation\ Manual work Reduced

Business workflows and processes were automated with the help of lightning flows and automation scripts, and manual work was greatly reduced.

80%Better Business Insights

This centralised system aided businesses in keeping track of process activities and allowing upper management to see organisational progress through powerful salesforce reporting/analytics.

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