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About The Client

The client is basically a global news group who runs many news programs and publishing digital news through internet. They have reach to middle east, Europe regions and publishing news contents in different regional languages like: Hebrew, French, English, and Arabic. They are operating services using digital software’s, websites, broadcasting networks form multiple places and covering multiple time-zones.

Business Challenges

When we landed with the project, business was having many challanges:

  • User interface: News or content delivery system should have very user-friendly design, which was eventually not the case with current system, so we revamp their existing system and deployed a brand-new UI of their need. The user-experience was designed by focusing the region-specific user base.
  • Speed & Performance: If the content delivery site runs slow, user have to wait for loading the content then it will be a frustrating experience, which in the case of our project, No Chance!!
  • Data Safety & Security: Data privacy is the prime concern for any business, but if you are specially deals with CDN or News then it’s the biggest consideration among others. So, in our case we have to setup different policies, standard in our system eventually for country specific laws or protocols.
  • Data caching: As news or content delivery system are used often by user, so to make it fast we need to store the content on temporary basis on cache or browser. We eventually going to reduce unnecessary requests on server and getting the data downloaded each time when refresh the page. This approach will be helpful in delivering the content faster.
  • Dynamic Multi-language content delivery: As Multilingual design is a complex undertaking, but it’s crucial to have for news/advertising business. For us its was little tricky because not only content needed to have multilingual, but data should also be dynamically arranged for the native users.

Webuters' Solution

We have explored all the use-cases and started the project with revamping the design elements of current system. Where in the phase-I of the project we picked up mobile app and revamp their entire user-experience. Then, in the next phase we worked on web presence. While working on replications, not only the UI/UX elements we have focused but also we have improved the technical architecture of the application and CMS engine, so that fastest content could be possibly delivered to users. Couple of additional customization/integration we did for overcoming from the challenges:


To achieve this we have implemented the concept of data caching, where we reduced the workload of the data store and always keeping the frequently used data within cache.

Operationalize Privacy Practices

To manage the privacy risk of the content and business data, we help business in effectively using OneTrust privacy management technology. Where we helped business with adoption of the CCPA, GDPR, LGPD, PDPA, and hundreds of the world’s privacy and security laws.

Smooth & Faster News Streaming

Within the portion of the system, we setup video streaming section where we created native video player with very flexible UX experience with drag-drop feature.

Radio Streaming Service

We helped business integrating the radio streaming solution for their news audience. Where we worked on their-party streaming API integration with CDS system.

The Impact

The business overall benefited with the new web and mobile presence.

Scalability and availability of an application

After building the new system, it because much easier for users to browse through the website/app very quickly. Walk through the contents smoothly with almost negligible waiting time.

Live streaming

Live streaming makes the website much more engaging, and traffic gets increased

Native content

It is very engaging as because user are getting content related to their interest.

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