Classy for Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack and the Integration

You’ve probably heard of Classy, a popular social platform. It provides nonprofit organizations with digital fundraising tools. Ess

You’ve probably heard of Classy, a popular social platform. It provides nonprofit organizations with digital fundraising tools. Essentially, this platform aids in the modernization of the experience, which undoubtedly provides accelerated personal effects globally. The functionality of platform “Classy” has been build by integrating with approximately 15 leading providers.

As a result, Classy is used by a number of businesses as well as non-profits. As a result, the primary goal of Classy is to strengthen the bond between donors and nonprofit organizations. As a result, it is all possible thanks to its compelling data management features.

This article is the best place to learn about how Classy helps nonprofits. Continue reading to get answers to your Salesforce questions and learn about the power of Classy and Salesforce integration.

What Exactly is Salesforce NPSP?

The nonprofit success (NPSP) is a bundle of Salesforce CRM configurations that is freely offered on AppExchange. It includes many functions that are specifically best for nonprofit organizations. Hence, the NPSP integrates the flexibility to construct Salesforce to get the account of every data without much hassle.

These are the following benefits of NPSP:

  • Firstly, it helps in managing contacts, homes, and reports being private donation payments, etc. It also keeps records of company affiliations and accounts, grant lifecycles, and campaigns.
  • Secondly, NPSP tracks the relationships between contacts, contributions, and recurring donations.

What is Classy?

  • Classy is a well-known nonprofit fundraising software programme. It is best known for its intutive fundraising solution.
  • Classy’s tools can also be customized to fit a company’s marketing needs. It enables nonprofit organizations to effectively manage their daily tasks. As a result, it has distinct features that allow them to track data, donations, donors, and so on.
  • Overall, by integrating Classy and Salesforce, you get complete data optimization for fundraising. It will now be simple to manage and improve relationships with donors, as well as thrive toward progress.

What do you get from the Integration of Salesforce and Classy?

Classy can assist your nonprofit’s online fundraising efforts, and then you can use Salesforce for industry-leading marketing automation, programme tracking, and powerful reporting and segmentation. Classy for Salesforce integration integrates well with other Salesforce ecosystem applications. When combined with Salesforce, Classy results in long-term success for nonprofits.

To summarise, the Salesforce NPSP and Classy integration enables nonprofits to manage campaigns, donors, and fundraiser contacts in a single system. In a nutshell, it makes everything easier to analyse and operate smoothly.

Partner for Your Nonprofit Cloud

The features listed below will help you understand why Classy is the best fit for your Salesforce NPSP.

It has features such as engagement and marketing, fundraising, programme management, and much more that help your nonprofit run more efficiently. The advantages are not limited to improved operational tasks; they go beyond that.

It also has a product roadmap that enables nonprofit teams to collaborate seamlessly.

Unique Features of Data Control

These are some crucial features that you must know about data control while using Classy.

  • Firstly, you get direct integration to the solution of Duplicate Management in Salesforce.
  • Secondly, you can customize the name of the records, opportunity types, accounts, stage names, etc.
  • Thirdly, you can use the standard feature for contact matching and customize your integration.
  • Furthermore, the best feature is that you can keep an eye on the Salesforce and Classy integration.

You can Directly Connect to Salesforce NPSP

Hence, read the following to understand how connecting to Salesforce NPSP can help your nonprofit organizations.

  • You get an accurate report and also designate funds from Classy.
  • It also includes recurring donors of NPSP, allocations, GAUs, etc.
  • Thirdly, you can take advantage of Classy for the Salesforce along with direct integration to the workflows, custom objects, etc., of NPSP.

How can Classy help your Nonprofit using NPSP?

NPSP will be your answer if you’re part of a nonprofit. Monitoring contributions and incrementing altruistic gift suggestions becomes easier. Along with that, NPSP has various features such as gift suggestions, tracking pledges, in-kind and standard donations, etc. Also, you get matching gifts, significant gift suggestions, and a whole lot more with NPSP.

Use GAU for Tracking the Gifts

You can follow to which the gift has been directed, utilizing the General Accounting Device (GAU) item. Thus, you can keep track of grant deliverables and credits easily. Also, the items are customizable, and you can adjust them according to your requirement.

Track Donors to Know Which Initiatives Inspired Them

Secondly, you can also track the donor to understand which campaign is creating an impact. In this way, you can strategies your future campaigns to attract more donors. Along with that, the features of Roll-up Summary Fields are highly advantageous for nonprofits.

Does Salesforce Data sync with Classy?

Currently, the Salesforce-Classy integration is a one-way sync, where data flows from Classy to Salesforce. Any records created in Classy will be synced to Salesforce; however, any changes made to records in Salesforce will not be reflected in Classy.

How are donations managed in Classy?

Want to know how it is extremely easy to manage donations through Classy? Then, you need to read below.

Effective Data Analytics and Reporting

To start with, Classy gives you a clear view of the performance of your campaign. Thus, you can easily access through the historical performances and reports. Along with that, you can save, customize and even share the reports with your team members. So now, you can make crucial and effective decisions with the help of accurate data.

Broad Information to Understand Supporter Interactions

Secondly, Classy allows you to know several individual supporters and improve further engagement. The available filers, donation types, and frequency help you target your message more effectively. As a result, managing donations also becomes easier simultaneously.

When using Classy, how are recurring donors recorded and managed in Salesforce?

  • Each recurring profile is created in Salesforce as a record for the Classy Recurring Donors custom object.
  • Any donation processed in relation to a recurring profile will be listed in the related lists in Opportunities under the appropriate Recurring Donor record.
  • The Opportunity would be labelled as ‘Recurring,’ and the Classy-assigned unique recurring profile ID would be included in the Classy Recurring Donor field.
  • When the Classy for NPSP Extension is installed and the feature is enabled, Classy for Salesforce integrates with NPSP’s Recurring Donor Object.

How do Webuters setup Salesforce Classy Integration for a Nonprofit?

The Classy for Salesforce integration was performed by the Webuters team to help its valuable client, an international non-profit, to manage their donor base and fundraisers by allowing them to manage all their donations within Salesforce. In comparison to the previous method, the adoption of Salesforce NPSP and the creation of the Classy Salesforce interface drastically improved the non-ability profit’s to monitor and measure the performance of their campaigns and fundraising initiatives. The non-profit was able to manage its contributors, campaigns, key fundraiser contacts, and fundraising revenue all in one system thanks to the NPSP-Classy integration, making it simple to operate and evaluate.


The advantages of Classy and Salesforce integration can transform the way your nonprofit operates. Take advantage of it to boost the productivity of your nonprofit organization. Contact our salesforce consultants to begin your journey toward seamless Salesforce and Classy integration.

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