Features in Salesforce that are Most Under-utilized

Salesforce is an exquisite CRM solution for most business needs. With the right implementation and proper adoption, it gives your [&helli

Salesforce is an exquisite CRM solution for most business needs. With the right implementation and proper adoption, it gives your business mighty outcomes. Salesforce CRM is an adventure, a journey that will evolve over time. There will be several new things that are likely to garner attention and interest. However, some of its facilities get skipped at the moment. Be it for a lack of awareness or other reasons, some organizations aren’t reaping complete benefits from Salesforce services. Based on data, here are some of the underutilised services of Salesforce that deserve more user engagement:

Email integration

Email integration has many advantages but it is one of the underutilized features of Salesforce. This feature helps unite the email service provider with CRM to create a more relevant, personalized and efficient communication. A great deal of time and effort is saved in the process but there is no compromise in understanding your audience better leading to greater engagement and higher sales. Moreover, there are fewer chances for human error taking up space. Overall, Salesforce provides seamless solutions that cater to the customer’s business email marketing needs.

Content libraries

A content library is a tool that can help businesses store, manage and share files. Salesforce offers up to 2000 content libraries that a single organisation can use. Plus, customers can decide who gets access to the files in the library. There are a plethora of features that can make the content library a much-sought-after tool for most customers but it turns out to be an underused one. A particularly commendable aspect of Salesforce Content Library is the skill to create content packs. It allows users to receive templates based on datasets and reports from a central library. The organisation members can then make use of these templates or customize them as per their needs. By a simple drag and drop feature, entire content pieces can be brought in a customized package that prospects can view online.

Accumulating feedback

Feedback is an important aspect of any successful marketing strategy. Salesforce AppExchange conducts customer surveys to receive user feedback. Other social monitoring tools are inclusive of such feedback collection options. Positive, negative and neutral responses play an equally important role in teeming up sales. The feedback mechanism usually makes a customer feel valued which helps brands like Salesforce develop a positive image. On one hand, negative feedback makes the service team eager to help mitigate the issue. On the other, neutral responses prevents users from overestimating positive reviews and underestimating negative ones.

Salesforce Forecasting

Salesforce forecasting is a flexible, robust and a great tool for predicting the revenue a business might generate from sales. You can forecast sales based on date ranges, revenue, and quantity or might use a combination of both. You can easily have a gist of the current opportunities in your pipeline. An excellent feature of Salesforce Forecasting is that it utilises the content of your CRM. All your data is already present only your outlook is different. This turns out to be a point of advantage for your sales goals. The sales forecasting automatically aligns itself with any changes made to the current opportunities in the pipeline. Choose your Salesforce forecast categories at every level and define your quotas. The rest of the work is done by Salesforce.

Tracking Field History

Another primary and valuable feature of Salesforce is Field History. All you need to do is to enable the option “Field History” in Salesforce and you will stay informed with recent updates, the concerned member who made those changes and even track the previous values. Custom and standard objects equally can be tracked with Field History. A maximum of 20 fields can be tracked per object. Through the tool, you can have a fair idea of how your Salesforce is being used. It also grants you to make bigger updates based on past field changes.


Tags are the short phrases or words that can be associated with Salesforce records to describe and arrange the data in a personalized manner. You can easily search and find such records with similarities. There are several options available based on which you can tag the records. For example, these options include how you acquired the record, demographics, campaigns or any other grouping topic. Salesforce users can easily add, remove, manage and look for tags in the system. Also, temporary tags do get updated easily and real quick.

Mass Data Edit

Editing and updating each change you make in your Salesforce account is simply time-consuming and not feasible. Salesforce allows seamless operations that can help you edit data in massive numbers with a few clicks. Visit Salesforce Administrator’s arsenal and you can access Salesforce’s mass edit tool. Next, you will need your accounts’ Salesforce IDs. The only exception is that new records can be uploaded without an ID. To get the IDs, you have to run a report that includes “Record ID” and then export it to your location of choice.

Some of the mass data editing tools of Salesforce that are completely free of cost are:

a. Excel Connector
b. DataLoader.io
c. Data Loader
d. Several free and paid tools are available on the Salesforce AppExchange.

Bottom Line 

Now that you are made aware of these Salesforce features, you can easily remove the tag “underutilised” from its list of services. The time has come when you should be making the most out of your Salesforce subscription. Moreover, the configuration part of all these features of Salesforce is super simple and requires minimum time for set up. However, the immediate value-added to your Salesforce organisation is really huge. The reason serves amply for you to adopt such services. Re-evaluate for new functionality if you want to optimise your CRM. In simple words, give the CRM king a complete opportunity to serve you better. Talk to our Salesforce experts to know the true potential that Salesforce can bring to your business.

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