How Salesforce Commerce Cloud Can Benefit Your Ecommerce Business?

For brands and retailers, the Salesforce commerce cloud is the best option as a service solution software. This platform empowers [&helli

For brands and retailers, the Salesforce commerce cloud is the best option as a service solution software. This platform empowers businesses to give every customer an exceptional online shopping experience at an advanced level while easing the back-end operations and processes at the same time

Moreover, retail, banking, financial services, sports, fashion brands, and many more use the Salesforce commerce cloud to support their digital transformation endeavors. The platform provides E-com businesses with essential tools to plan, market, launch and track their online stores.

And since the boom of online stores is ongoing, Salesforce commerce cloud can provide a wide range of tools and features to enhance buyer experience for your e-commerce store too.   

Understanding Salesforce Commerce cloud

Salesforce commerce cloud transforms the way brands connect with their potential customers at every stage of the purchase journey. Besides, it creates a seamless transition from one channel to another, supporting every point of engagement.

With a transition in user buying habits and technology, this omnichannel approach gives a retailer total control for – engagement, analytics, transactions, and customer service.

The platform offers marketing automation and marketing cloud to commerce cloud services. Moreover, the commerce cloud powers the most well-known brands like – Adidas, Puma, Fila, Pandora, and Skullcandy. 

How Salesforce commerce cloud can benefit your eCommerce business?

Customized customer experience

Commerce cloud can give an eCommerce website a customized look, which will create a diverse and personalized experience for customers. Your E-com brand can customize the experience with:

  • Location level visibility of a business or a product
  • Open commerce application programming interface
  • Customized mobile applications and digital storefronts
  • Customized content for buyers and storefronts
  • Customized product recommendations on the website
  • Intelligent approach and driven experiences on different social media channels
  • Complete inventory record management
  • Intelligent recommendations that help customers at checkout
  • Automated customized merchandising
  • Product sorting with spot-on accuracy
  • Customer buying analysis to create better future shopping experiences
  • Relevant search results for products

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Predictive intelligence

The predictive intelligence feature can help the retailers automate processes, show individual results and facilitate buyers’ journey to close more sales. Besides this, it can provide intelligent suggestions for buying. Furthermore, the feature offers tailor-specific product recommendations and automates manual tasks.

The feature can gather data about different shoppers and improve accuracy with the productive sort feature. In addition, you will be able to harness data to create a more customized experience. It also helps to reduce cart abandonment and increase sales. Moreover, it also lets you add new synonymous for related products on your E-com website.

Multi-site management

With Salesforce commerce cloud, you can build country-specific websites that use different pricing, content, and currency. With the same code base – you can create different product lines, branding, and categories. Salesforce commerce cloud offers two other multi-site solutions:

  1. SingleRealm – the brand uses the same code base in multiple storefronts. With minor customization, it enables pricing and branding by the storefront. The solution suits smaller teams and is easier to manage.
  2. MultipleRealm – the brand uses a unique code base with the same storefront as a brand – you can build different storefronts in different locations. It takes into account more resources, time and suits a larger team.

Improved scalability

Big E-com websites and brands require a capacity to handle a spike in traffic, mass amounts of inventory, and higher transaction values. And as the business expands – E-com brands need that scalability for expansion. Salesforce commerce cloud lets you:

  • Implement tech technology without any hassle
  • It enables you to cope with added traffic spikes during festive seasons
  • Customize and deploy pre-built templates on your site
  • Handle massive orders and high traffic volume
  • Create and manage content with the page designer
  • Ensure all the operations comply with regulatory standards
  • Scales automatically when required
  • Ensure secure transactions and build pages that load at a faster speed

Order management

The order management feature of Salesforce commerce cloud helps clients build better storefront features to enhance customer experience. With the comprehensive built-in set feature – you can create a difference in how you deal with online clients.

Besides this, you can turn your site into distribution centers, ship more innovatively with an order routing algorithm. Also, brands can better manage order lifecycles and share critical commerce data. The feature makes the functioning of the store easier and saves time. In addition, you can expand your site functionality using different tech partners.

Growth Strategies

Modern E-commerce is driving business for most leading brands. As a brand, you will need to create a potent growth strategy for expansion. Digital commerce is growing at an exponential rate of 17% per year, and it is vital to embrace the change. With Salesforce commerce cloud –

  • You can identify industry trends and increase customer conversion rate
  • Make use of latest content marketing strategies to drive traffic to your website
  • The features help to streamline the checkout process
  • Prioritize responsive designs for mobile shoppers
  • Use the AI functionality for various data-driven insights
  • Implement different abandon cart -retarget campaigns
  • Optimize messaging on other platforms and personalize customer touchpoints

Analytics dashboard

Salesforce commerce cloud analytics dashboard is a good feature for a more extensive website or bigger team. The feature synthesizes and analyses the Realm data and converts it into logical data that sets in dashboards. Following this, the brands and E-com websites can use the dashboard and report portal to review the website’s sales, promotion, and product requirements.

Moreover, with the feature, you can know about the technical traffic and other site data. Each dashboard presents analytics that identifies trends over time. With the feature – you can be aware of the metrics and performance of your E-com website.

Mobile-first capabilities

More than 55% of online orders today are placed on mobile. However, having a responsive website is not enough, as it is essential to optimize your website for mobile. Commerce cloud is very convenient in enhancing the overall mobile experience, making the purchases quick and cohesive for buyers.

With the feature – you can use the reporting and inventory management that will facilitate the buying process. In addition, you can optimize the micro-moments and innovative conversion experience. The feature offers one-to-one recommendations with predictive sorting. In addition, you will get the option of customized searches and integration with social media platforms.

Unified shopping experience

Salesforce Commerce cloud helps to connect physical and digital channels to create a cohesive customer experience. It combines the touchpoints so that retailer gets a clear picture. The functionality empowers different features like:

  • Accessing the inventory in real-time
  • Creating personalized mobile applications
  • Access to product information quickly without hassles
  • Allows other associates to complete purchases online
  • Adding products to the wish list of shopping through online websites

Enhanced marketing tools

Commerce Cloud comes with a tool kit that helps to increase conversions and sales of the website. It allows businesses to manage and share optimized content in all the right places to help shoppers make the right buying decisions. The marketing toolkit capabilities of the platform will help you:

  • Run successful marketing campaigns for promotional purposes
  • Share optimized content across multiple social media channels
  • Manage social media profiles with a single click
  • Launching of social media and paid ad campaigns
  • Run reports and A/B tests for the website
  • Automating all the merchandising tasks
  • Creating a customized shopping experience for every customer
  • Analyzing database insights to increase conversions
  • Recommendations of best products to new buyers

Top customer support

Salesforce Commerce Cloud offers round-the-clock support for customers. It also provides undivided support for all the merchants to ensure that their business runs smoothly. Moreover, the support provided by the commerce cloud covers a range of issues like – upgrading security patches, fixing different codes, and many more issues.

Besides,  it lets you unify the data and customer interactions with your potential clients. In return, you can grow your revenue across different channels with AI and automation.

Speed acceleration

Most shoppers have a shorter attention span, which means the online shopping experience needs to cater to shoppers’ demands. The shopping experience has to be convenient, flexible, and flawless for new shoppers. E-com websites need to provide customers with the best – this includes faster results for things they’re searching for on the site.

Besides, a slight delay in loading time causes a loss of revenue. Commerce Cloud lets customers quickly connect with the product catalog and inventory. Due to this, the load time increases on desktop and mobile. Moreover, the platform offers real-time delivery with powerful storefront presentations.

Leverage the benefits of Salesforce commerce cloud

SFCC Salesforce lets you spread your business needs with social extensions. It simplifies the merchandising efforts by integrating catalogs, products, and pricing. In addition, with SEO functionalities, you will be able to boost your online presence. Commerce cloud lets you integrate data from the first, second, and third party sources – including payment platforms.

Through the platform, merchants can guide and engage customers in a better way. Moreover, the ML tools provide product recommendations and customer segmentation functionality. If you want to migrate your E-com site to Salesforce commerce cloud – you can hire a certified salesforce commerce cloud developer. With the correct implementation, you will get impeccable results.

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