How Salesforce Community Cloud Can Get Your NGO To The Next Level?

Salesforce Community Cloud assists NGOs in real-time engagement with a variety of constituents. Regardless of demographics, it facilitate

Salesforce Community Cloud assists NGOs in real-time engagement with a variety of constituents. Regardless of demographics, it facilitates the growth and maintenance of better partnerships and fund providers. Additionally, it is also useful for strategically collaborating with stakeholders. Overall, it helps to more effectively deliver important information to the target audience in accordance with their demands. 

Since its launch, Salesforce has grown to be a leading CRM solution for several businesses and organizations throughout the world, assisting them in enhancing efficiency and achieving certain financial goals. This has inadvertently led this platform today into a sizable family of 150,000 users globally. This CRM platform offers distinctive solutions that can be accessed and used by small and large businesses as well as non-profit organizations. Salesforce for NGOs has proven to be a useful platform that enables these organizations to increase their global impact and digital reach. 

Non-profits have access to a wide range of customized parameters. NGOs with specific objectives still have a lot of options to flourish, including applications, technologies, and tools. It offers a wide range of opportunities, whether one is interested in case management, reporting, or accounting. 

What is Salesforce Community Cloud all about?   

Salesforce Community Cloud is a social platform that connects and makes it easier for customers, partners, and employees to communicate with one another. 

Community Cloud uses the Chatter social CRM platform from Salesforce for screen sharing and chats, enabling users to share information and images in real-time while having a conversation. The platform helps manage customer relationships (CRM) and offers ways for users to get information and connect with other users. The community cloud service offers a platform for keeping in touch with coworkers, clients, and business partners. Customers can also communicate data and photographs in real-time thanks to it. 

With easy-to-use templates and tools, setting up Salesforce communities is quick and easy. These are made to fit into companies that use this platform and provide the common Salesforce functionalities. 

Businesses may create a digital environment where customers are free to interact with them and can readily obtain information by using Salesforce customer communities. Additionally, employees can also use the community cloud for a variety of office activities, including human resource management (HRM), troubleshooting, help desk contact, and interactions between teams in different locations. The management can utilize it to strengthen relations with its channel partners and other outside parties.  

What Does Salesforce Cloud Community Do? 

  Here is a quick overview of what Salesforce Community Cloud offers.   

  • Businesses can access the data and documents they require from the Salesforce Community Cloud to complete their tasks effectively.
  • It stretches across offices and departments while simplifying the organization’s crucial business operations. Therefore, performing tasks in real-time is more convenient for everyone involved in such a business environment. Additionally, it enables firms to close deals more quickly and provide better customer assistance.    
  • The software for online communities is incredibly flexible to meet any business need.   
  • It enables you to immediately connect your CRM data with your community or a system from a third party.   
  • The Salesforce Cloud Community as a whole enables your company to build personalized communities for perfect enterprise collaboration and optimized business operations.   

Key Features Offered by Salesforce Community Cloud 

  • Personalization, Business Integration, and Customization 
  • Knowledge Base and Q&A for Branded Community Mobile Optimization Case Escalation 
  • E-commerce 
  • Salesforce Automation 
  • Personal Member Scoring Dashboards and Reports for Data Sharing 
  • File exchange 
  • Groups in the community, Topics Pages, Feed Actions 
  • Chatter Collaboration   
  • Community management 

The Salesforce community cloud, in a general sense, is a multi-tenant infrastructure that enables collaboration between a number of businesses within a certain group who share computing issues like legal compliance, audit standards, or performance needs.  

Is the Salesforce Community Cloud The Right Fit For Your Nonprofit?   

A Salesforce Community might be the appropriate choice for you if you can see the benefit of sharing your Salesforce data with constituents. Salesforce Communities enable constituents to connect with your data and each other in a secure environment, expanding your database beyond internal users. You have control over which Salesforce records they may view, and you have the ability to manage any talks that take place in your community. 

In What Ways Can Salesforce Communities Be Used by Nonprofits? 

  • Grants management: Users may examine all of their previous contributions in one location, apply for grants, and submit reports.   
  • Customers support– So that customers can look up information in your knowledge base, ask questions, and follow the status and development of their case submissions in your customer service department.   
  • Program Management – Participants in the programme can log in and check the status of their individual Salesforce records.   
  • Partner management– Enables your partners or member companies to take control of their interactions with you and work together on opportunities and campaigns.   
  • Establish relationships- So that community members can talk to one another, exchange files, and ask and answer questions.   

What’s more, you can configure every piece of basic functionality without ever seeing a line of code. You can quickly create Community pages using a drag-and-drop interface and brand your community by utilizing logos and colors that go with your website with the Lightning Community Builder. With each new version of Salesforce Community, you’ll get additional features and functionality, practically ending up making your portal look amazing, even if you set it up in a day. 

While Salesforce Community isn’t a true website content management system, like WordPress, you’ll still have to maintain your organization’s public-facing website. After a constituent establishes a connection with you, a community is a wonderful way to keep their interest.  

How Salesforce Community Cloud Help Transform Nonprofit Organizations ?  

  • Collaboration is an investment in your community 

Salesforce Community Cloud can help NGOs create a secure platform for supporters that have the same interests. They can work together and exchange expertise thanks to it. For instance, a community just for volunteers might be developed to allow access to support, donation, and other requests from a single location. Similar to this, a forum for CEOs, leaders, and board members can be created, allowing them to discuss specific strategies for overcoming issues.   

  • Social intranets for Collaborative Effort Facilitation 

Users can create a collaborative platform using Salesforce Community Cloud where each contributor can post updates and suggestions and receive responses to inquiries. For instance, a social intranet can be used to provide a single platform where a team can work together to generate money. Campaigns typically involve a large number of participants and active bodies. 

Community Cloud can be important in this situation for preserving coordination and producing the best efficacy. Additionally, it allows for the creation of a team intranet, which permits information sharing across the entire firm. Naturally, the ability to get feedback for resolving problems and working together on upcoming projects becomes available.  

  • Using Partner Communities and Member Communities to Create Smart Connections 

Another fantastic way to connect with numerous people who share an interest is through member communities. It aids in the dissemination of knowledge. The nice aspect is that most of these communities are brand-rich and detailed. 

For instance, if a certain group of individuals acquires crucial information and best practices to address certain issues, it will now be able to share the same information and get feedback through the member community. The feedback can be voted on by community members much more effectively. Therefore, it is a much safer and more effective strategy than doing surveys online. 

Partner Communities are no different. It facilitates communication between the board, volunteers, and donors. In these specific groups, members communicate and share information in the safety of a safe group. 

  • Tools of the Trade for Major Fundraising 

Nonprofit Clouds offer practical resources for creating donor-focused experiences, even on mobile devices. Unquestionably, it can be more attractive and useful. Through the use of cutting-edge technicality, digital fundraising solutions can scale up fundraising. It benefits the user by giving them the best exposure possible through a variety of donor channels, analytical reports, etc. It can unquestionably greatly improve techniques.   

  • Process simplification and employee efficiency 

It allows workers to spend a small amount of time on repetitive tasks, paperwork, and manual labor. Naturally, they will be able to shape a stakeholder’s meaningful experience. The operational expenses can be reduced with Nonprofit Cloud by increasing employee productivity. Salesforce Community Cloud can help nonprofit organizations find innovative ways to raise money, run their operations, and advance toward their primary objectives at this difficult time for nonprofit organizations in modern times. 

NGO Salesforce Community Cloud Use Cases    

Salesforce offers a variety of solutions that may be used by non-profit organizations to create channels of communication with volunteers, contributors, and funders. Utilize the Donations tools to streamline the online donation procedure. Utilize the Member and Volunteer Directory to interact with members. Create Chatter groups to facilitate discussion and cooperation and share events with the Salesforce community. 

There are a couple of Advanced Communities applications that can benefit non-profits: 

  • Events Enterprise: The process of organizing events can be greatly facilitated by this app. You can successfully organize events with the help of online events that integrate Zoom, ticketed or free events, a built-in calendar, and other fantastic features.   
  • E-commerce: With just a few clicks, you can create an online store within the community using a native Salesforce app. For the greatest user experience, secure online payments, adjustable automated taxation based on the user’s location, and purchase tracking are all provided.   
  • Member Directory Enterprise: a comprehensive member management app that enables you to concentrate on what matters most: your members. 

Benefits of Using Salesforce Cloud Community For Nonprofits    

Below are some of the many ways Salesforce Cloud Community can benefit your non-profit’s endeavors, but depending on how complex your fundraising component package is, it might go well beyond just storing records and assisting you in developing and managing fundraising campaigns.   

  • Utilize your CRM system more 

Whether it’s a few hundred business partners or tens of thousands of people, Community Cloud enables you to communicate with people outside of your salesforce org and build a platform for interaction.   

  • Fundraising.  

For non-profit organizations that conduct fundraising campaigns, Salesforce Communities may streamline donation processing at each level. Fundraising had always has been one of the biggest concerns for charity organizations.   

  • Better efficiency in Non-profits 

Our non-profit packages are created specifically for fundraising efforts and philanthropic organizations. Salesforce cloud community gives you all the tools you need to organize events, receive payments and donations online, sell products or services online, conduct surveys, supervise volunteers or members, and get customer feedback.   

  • In-depth analytics 

To make it easier for you to keep track of volunteers, donors, and their actions, you get a central location. Salesforce offers thorough reporting to monitor user engagement levels.   

  • Integrate social media to increase impact.  

The entire social network capability of Community Cloud allows users to publish, like, follow, establish groups, chat, and more.   

 Bottom Line  

The Salesforce Cloud community enables you to build a fully functional portal for your customers and entirely tailor their online customer experience regardless of the size of your business. The systems you already own can be smoothly linked with this software solution. You may make it as simple or sophisticated as you like thanks to the extensive customization options.  

Salesforce Community Cloud gives your customers a forum to interact with your company and other customers while also benefiting from high-quality service. Businesses should embrace the Salesforce community cloud because it is a potent tool for enhancing relationships with stakeholders, employees, and consumers.   

Furthermore, the customer communities in Salesforce should be taken into account if you want to gain from increased customer engagement, increased sales, enhanced customer satisfaction, employee connection, and the ability to interact and cooperate with your customers, including data insights. To put it simply, the Salesforce Cloud community helps brands to boost their businesses by providing more enhanced digital experiences to their customers with personalized services.  

So, if you are looking to partner your non-profit with the Salesforce Cloud community, Webuters offers you the best solutions. Contact our experts today! 

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