Know Why’s for Growing Popularity of ReactJs These Days

Even though there are a lot of JavaScript frameworks available these days to build a User Interface, but React JS has gained…

Even though there are a lot of JavaScript frameworks available these days to build a User Interface, but React JS has gained its popularity in significantly lesser time. React JS was developed by Facebook and is an open source JavaScript library used to create web apps that are fast and engaging, and run on a minimal coding. It emphasizes on the use of individual components to provide a quality web applications while focusing on the rendering performance at its best.

It is possible that your web application may have a complex UI. Instead of working on the whole app at once React JS allows you to write your code by creating simple components. These components can then be reused and also help keep the codebase clean and easy to understand.

Since the code is broken down into simple reusable components it makes it easy for other developers to understand and use it when required. It is not a piece of cake, but it is really simple to set up a react project. You can create a project in React by creating your own app structure. You can also use React CLI which I think is the best option as it creates a structure of your app all by itself. You can create a new project by writing in your terminal:

npx create-react-app your-app-name

React gains its popularity because of its 3 main concepts that are”

  1. Reusable components
  2. Virtual DOM
  3. Reactive updates using State.

Let us dive deeper to understand these amazing concepts.

The Three King Concepts in ReactJs

1. Reusable Components

React JS allows its developers to create reusable components. Now the question arises: what basically a component is? A component is a simple function that takes some input and gives the output. These components can then be reused wherever required. Similarly, in React JS a component is a simple function that takes the input in the form of properties and State and gives an output in the User Interface similar to what HTML does in browsers. We can use these components in multiple UI or within other components.

In order to pass data from one component to another we make use of the Props feature in React. This feature enables the re-usability of a component and its data.

2. Reactive Updates using State

React provides you another amazing feature State which is very helpful in writing a component. While writing a code it becomes very difficult to store data and retrieve it after a certain period of time as the number of lines in the code and the number of files increases. State helps in storing this data. It stores the data within the section itself. Whenever any change is made in the State of a component, it automatically updates the DOM when needed and reflects in the User Interface represented by it.

Even though State is a great way to handle the data, there are situations when the volume of data increases to a level where it becomes difficult to manage it even with State. This is where we make use of Redux approach which is also a JavaScript library that manages State.

3. Virtual DOM

Whenever you change an element in the code you also have to update the HTML, which is very painful at times. Doesn’t it? No worries, Virtual DOM is the saviour. This Virtual DOM offered by React helps you in providing a seamless user experience by loading the application much faster after making the changes in the HTML. In order to render HTML, React uses JavaScript which stores a virtual representation of HTML in memory. For the first time Virtual DOM is used by React for virtually rendering a HTML tree, after that whenever a State changes and you get a new HTML tree, only what is varies will be taken and updated.

Why Choose React JS?

You must be wondering why you should choose React JS when there are so many frontend development frameworks available in the market. Unlike other frameworks React JS comprises of features that makes it easier to use for you to develop your web app and provides the best User Experience. Some of the reasons why you should go with React JS are mentioned below:


1. Code Reusability

React gives you the ability to write clean codes that are easy to understand. It breaks the complete project into small components. This increases the reusability of the code block and also removes code duplicacy hence making it cleaner and simpler.

2. Easy to Learn

React JS is a straightforward framework. It is simpler and easy to understand as compared to other available JavaScript frameworks. It also gives you the ability to combine JavaScript with HTML by using JSX syntaxes.

3. Simple to Test

React JS helps its developers to use different modules of ecmascript which is a standardized scripting-language specification. These modules can be easily utilized with react-di, Babel and more. React JS makes it easy to test them prior to using.

4. Single Way Data Flow

In React JS we cannot make any change to a component directly. Instead, we provide a callback that is needed. The property of passing a value in the component and rendering it as HTML tags properties are referred to as actions flow up and properties flow down.

5. Virtual DOM

Instead of directly rendering the whole code whenever a change in the code is made, React JS provides a virtual DOM that loads the HTML once and then update only that piece of code in which the changes are made.

6. SEO Friendly

The apps made in React JS are component based. This makes them better for search optimization. It also increases the speed and performance of the application.

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