MEAN Stack: A Modern Approach to Development

MEAN is a combination of MongoDB, Express.js, AngularJS, and Node.js, JavaScript-based technologies that are used for developing web appl

What is MEAN Stack?

MEAN is a combination of MongoDB, Express.js, AngularJS, and Node.js, JavaScript-based technologies that are used for developing web applications. MEAN functions as a full-stack development toolkit for the client and server sides to databases. Another technology that is used in various processes like the development of applications, testing, security etc. is LAMP; which is an acronym for PHP, Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PERL OR Python.

Advantages of using MEAN Stack for Development

Many individuals as well as organizations are choosing to use MEAN stack over other technologies for their web and other development projects and there are quite a few good reasons for this:

• More Economically Beneficial:

To work with MEAN stack you will just have to employ a specialist with knowledge and understanding of one language, JavaScript.

• Relational Database:

In terms of relational Databases, MEAN stack allows you to save disk space that is allocated by other resources.

• Compatible with OS:

MEAN stack is compatible with every operating system that runs Node.js and the OS includes popular Linux, MAC OS, MS Windows, etc.

• Free as it is Open-Source in Nature:

As MEAN stack in open source in nature; all the technologies present in it are free thus making it highly profited by version upgrades and developments.

• JSON is Widespread:

On all its layers as the forma for data interchange, JSON is used by MEAN stack thus making the conversion of data using libraries during the client side and server side interaction redundant. This not only saves times but also a lot of unnecessary hassle.

• The Server Layer Quickly Simplified by Node.js:

It is a great advantage in itself for your technology to use Node.js, as it has a more favourable runtime for JavaScript in comparison to a traditional web server. It is highly beneficial for companies or business as without having the client’s request Node.js will send the data to the client with the use of web sockets.

• Works with Cloud:

A compelling database is provided by MEAN stack and the MongoDB present in it when plugged in offers automatic replication as well as fail over support. This is highly advantageous choice for host, test and development app present in the cloud. For this reason it is a desirable choice for pennies-per-CPU usage.

• Supports the MVC Architecture:

Quite a few stack frameworks on various different programming languages is required to administer the complex procedures of MVC framework, thus making it tedious and time consuming for the development team. However, MEAN stack has proved itself to be the best choice flexible database and a single programming language that complies easily with MVC architecture.


All the above mentioned advantages make MEAN stack a much more preferable choice for development over other technologies, and all you will need is a specialist or developer skilled in JavaScript. With MEAN stack the whole process of development is made easier and you are sure to have a happy and productive development team.

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