Nest JS- The Fastest Growing Node JS framework

With the rapidly increasing technologies and different programming languages , it is difficult for you to choose different frameworks . [

With the rapidly increasing technologies and different programming languages , it is difficult for you to choose different frameworks . Developers keep on exploring the different frameworks , to deliver a better user experience.   But nothing gets sorted here . Even if you reach to a conclusion that your project needs Node JS  for creating a successful web application, there are several other things to consider. So to save your time and to clear all your doubts here at one platform,  we have researched and put together some of the best Node JS frameworks that have drastically changed the development process .  You could get familiar with these popular Node JS frameworks and you are good to go.

Node JS framework

Before understanding most popular Node JS framework , let’s focus on the basic understanding of Node JS.

What is Node JS?

Many people are confused about whether Node JS is a framework. Node JS is neither a framework or a language. Well, Node JS is an open-source platform to execute Java Script codes outside of a browser. You can easily install Node JS on your system and run within the Node JS runtime environment. Node JS  is a free and open source tool to built fast and scalable server- side applications. It is an ideal language , both for the front -end and the back-end of an application. Node JS supports  javascript, which still remains one of the most remarkable web technologies.  Node JS uses non-blocking I/O (asynchronous) and event driven architecture to get started with .

There are several Node JS Frameworks .  Frameworks like Express, Meteor, Nest JS , Derby JS , Meteor JS , Hapi JS are the most popular Node JS frameworks . They satisfy the current development needs and are well suited for your application requirements .

Different Node JS framework:

Choosing the right Node JS framework to simplify your development shouldn’t be a difficult task for you. And still if you are going through unresolved doubts, you are at the right place. This means you don’t have to worry about anything as we are starting everything from scratch. So you might not end up asking , “Which is the best Node JS framework for my project ?”.

Here we are discussing the most popular Node JS Framework , known as Nest JS.

What is the Nest JS Framework:

Nest JS framework is the fastest growing Node JS framework .  It is also known as the progressive Node JS framework for building efficient , scalable and dynamic applications. You can make the most of it from the extensive use of libraries due to systematic code arrangement.  It fully supports TypeScript, thereby solving the main problem of Node JS. Nest provides out of the ordinary features like decent command line tool , available through node package manager  and excellent  implementation with express .The transition is quite easier when you need to switch from Angular code to Nest. Nest Js comes with perfect combination of  Object Oriented Programming(OOP), Functional Reactive Programming(FP).

Why to use Nest JS:

  • Easy to learn and use
  • Efficient and static web applications
  • Organizing flexible code
  • Module based framework
  • Well –maintained documentation

Except for these advantages of Next JS , Nest JS offers complete flexibility and it would not be wrong if we say that Nest JS shares the angular architecture.

Regardless of which framework you are going to choose , Nest JS is the best Node JS framework for all your needs.

There is another framework similar to Nest JS , known as Next JS .

When it comes to Next JS , without wasting much of your time ,let’s get back to basics. Next JS is an open source framework with more number of npm weekly downloads. Next lets you create complex ,fast and universal web applications quickly. Fetching data is very simple in Next JS . what makes Next amazing is its ability to provide  faster page loading through automatic code splitting . This is so because Next JS only loads Javascript and CSS which are needed for a specific page.

Nest JS and Next JS may sound similar to you but there do have some differences which makes them different . Here we are discussing some of them.

Comparing Nest JS and Next JS

  • Nest JS is a server side framework used to build APIs whereas Next JS is a open-source framework for building universal applications.
  • Nest JS is not related to front end code at all. It functions as a back end framework whereas Next JS supports specific front end networks.
  • Nest JS overall performance is really good as it is the fastest growing Node JS framework whereas Next JS scored less overall.
  • Nest JS has less npm weekly downloads whereas Next JS Has more npm weekly downloads.
  • You can easily migrate from Angular code to Nest JS whereas migration is a bit difficult process  when you move from server side app to Next JS .

Bottom Line 

If your project is expecting less context switching , minimal downtime ,quick development multiple testing and fast front end rendering, Nest JS will always serve you the best.

Hope you got familiar with one of the best Node JS framework .   Also , You must have understood that it is important for your project to consider all possible frameworks .

So get ready to choose the right Node JS framework for your next project.



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