Optimizing the Salesforce Storage Limit – How?

If you are a Salesforce user, running into a data storage limit is nothing new to you, but you always […]

If you are a Salesforce user, running into a data storage limit is nothing new to you, but you always need an effective data archiving strategy to never move out of space neither the need for buying more space will arise.

Data is integral to any business, as all decisions are made based on facts and data. Relevant business data is a key to success and with it, you are sure to achieve a competitive edge and better business visibility. The success of your business can be determined by the way you manage the data volume. The idle way would be to archive the less used data and keep it in safe and secure storage for future use.

For Salesforce users, data is the biggest issue. Every time you reach close to your data limit you have to buy either, more space or delete the old data to make a place for new. Buying more storage space does not sound very economical either deleting data is not an ideal solution, but you always have the option to archive your data. Data archiving not just leads to optimum use of purchased space but enables you to use old data when needed.

The Need for Data Archive

The growing need of data eventually turns into a risk of losing control over your data. The increase of data volume is an additional cost, which is not an economical solution to the data problem. Now, if you need an economical solution for your data problem you need to consider data archive or backup as an option. Archiving not just gives you better control over data, but also reduces the storage cost and risk.

The simplest and securest answer to your Salesforce data protection and limitation problems is ArchiveOnCloud (AOC). Read on to know how AOC can benefit your business. But before jumping to that let’s take a look at some of the best Salesforce Archive Practices.

Best Salesforce Data Archive Practices

Create a Data Archiving Strategy

The very first step of the data archiving process is to frame a strategy. Here take an account of all the departments and data involved. How archiving will allow different departments to access data on an as-needed basis. The other important factor is that you don’t need to archive all data, you need what is of value. Therefore, archive only when you have more data and less storage space. When you archive a record, make sure to do the same to its dependent records. Always archive data starting with the old.

Analyze the Salesforce Storage and Limits

It is critical to understand the storage space your organization has at present and how much storage is being used. The storage space offered by Salesforce is limited by edition. So check your total storage in Salesforce and if you feel you will be running out of space in a while head to the data archive.

Selection of Right Tool

Salesforce offers some data backup and archiving but it is not necessary that it will meet all your needs. It might not archive the data that you want to as it comes with limitations. Not every business is similar and neither are their data needs. The importance of data may vary from business to business. Therefore, you need to find a tool that targets your data archive need correctly, retains data for as long as you want, and offers a seamless user experience.

The dismissal of recovery services by Salesforces makes it even more important for you to plan data protection for your Salesforce Org.

Protect Your Salesforce Data with AOC

AOC is a smart data-protection tool to archive-compare-restore your salesforce data intelligently. You can back up the data and archive the old data using this tool. It is a cost-effective, user-friendly, and flawless archiving solution for the Salesforce platform.

With AOC you can keep your Salesforce data safe, compare and merge similar records, backup data automatically, save data to your choice of database and restore data based on the needs.

What else you can ask for?

Wrapping It

By now you must have understood that data isn’t completely protected in Salesforce, you need to protect data to not lose it due to accidental deletion or any such issues. Now Salesforce does not offer recovery service, so once deleted the data is gone forever. To keep the data risks at bay, enjoy flawless data protection with AOC. We are always ready to keep your data protected, let’s schedule a demo.

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