Overview of Amazon Glue ETL Service and Process Framework

Amazon is a corporate e-commerce giant or the “hero” of every search engine, shopping portal and research engines for Business, enthralli

Amazon is a corporate e-commerce giant or the “hero” of every search engine, shopping portal and research engines for Business, enthralling development and research and intriguing marketing experience which is unmatched and insatiable. One of the Amazon’s services is Amazon Glue ETL or Amazon Glue or AWS Glue service; the names are many, but the concept is one. Let’s try understanding this service offered by Amazon.

What is Amazon Glue ?

Amazon Glue, the reputable and innovative service for the IT enabled business world gives new semantics of service called ETL (Extract data and objects, transform into desired format and requirements and last of all Load onto the user friendly Infrastructure.) This Amazon Glue ETL is basically a platform to “cook” the data for Data Analytics Frameworks. The AWS Glue service Console comes with user friendly, drag n drop, specifically clicks to execute an ETL Task. The dataset stores your data in AWS Base which can be ascertained or pointed for further action. AWS Glue not only discovers, filters and readies your data for synthesizing but also works on its associated metadata (Schema and table analogies) in AWS Glue Data Catalog. Once the data goes through the process of cataloging, it’s status is updated to most current searchable and queryable entity available for ETL Transaction.

Amazon Glue ETL Process Framework

AWS Glue is a fully managed extract, transform, and load (ETL) service that makes it easy for customers to prepare and load their data for analytics. You can create and run an ETL job with a few clicks in the AWS Management Console. Simply by pointing AWS Glue to the data stored on AWS; AWS Glue will discover your data and store the linked metadata in the AWS Glue Data Catalog. Once cataloged, your data is immediately searchable, queryable, and available for ETL. AWS Glue is the most cost effective solution for enriching, cleaning and reframing your data for ETL Synthesizing process to various data stores. The Framework consists of AWS Glue Data catalog, data stores, an ETL engine based on Python or Scala code, a dependency resolution handling flexible scheduler which also looks after job monitoring as well as retries. So here is the magical Amazon AWS Glue API process and tasks well connected with AWS Glue service Interface. Let’s know more about this rich development environment. Knowing this all makes me excited, what about you ?

Benefits of Amazon Glue

Viola, we got a magic band to test, filter extract and process our data with final loading. But no Process is complete without knowing its side effects and feedback. So let’s analyze Amazon Glue more with respect to its benefits, facts and effects.

The arena of AWS Glue research is extensive which can be seen in Analytics, Business Applications, Database & Developer Tools, Internet of things, Media Services, Game Tech, Machine Learning, Networking & Content, Migration & Transfer, Mobile domain, Robotics, Satellite and lot more. To make things easier for common people we have AWS Cost Management and Explorer Modules along with usage monitoring. Also status reports of Custom and Comprehensive costs and usage budgets, Instance reporting is also facilitated for getting the profit graph clean and clear. One can complete their business and research projects, build and validate their technical knowledge and skills and get training and certification in Amazon Glue ETL Environment. So we see less hassle, cost effective and more power.

Looking at AWS Glue Service Pin Pointedly

AWS Glue Service is hassle free because it supports all data of Amazon Aurora during onboarding process, same goes with Amazon Redshift, RDS engines, Amazon S3, Amazon VP3, Amazon EC2 and common databases as well.

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AWS Glue Service is cost effective as it is serverless with no costing, provisions to be done. It is total configuration management system which takes care of provisioning and scaling of resources while transacting the ETL Framework with the help of Apache Spark. One needs only to pay for the resources consumed in the process of job execution.

AWS Glue Service gives you more power with automated assistance. Be it building, maintaining and running ETL Job processes, crawling data entities, identifying their pertinent resources and formats, suggestive schema and underlying transformations, everything is superbly managed with click of button on drag n drop modules.

According to one Study and Review done by Accenture that evaluated Amazon EMR with respect of Hadoop framework. It has praised the amazing process and analytics of Big Data by Amazon aurora environment with amalgamation of Amazon S3 resulting into realtime populating of AWS Database, taking care of metadata and its structures through built in crawlers. AWS Glue facilitates Amazon EMR for data access from multiple meta stores with ease and added functionality. This is further explained by real time examples of ERP Financial Date from Oracle Dataset, Marketing and Sales data transactions of CSV File format using Amazon S3 and an excellent point of sales systems on MS-SQL configuration, all this assisted and interfaced by Amazon Glue architecture.

Many companies are also giving options and alternatives to AWS Glue services, they vouch for simplifying the data integration and overall maintenance process. One of the limitations of AWS Glue architecture is slated that the data goes to data preparation than actual data processing. Also the documentations and the underlying code is complex, requiring users to raise support tickets in technical forums to resolve issues. Accenture also in one of its writeups said that AWS Glue does not allow crawlers in on data and resource premises.


This Study encompasses nearly all critical aspects of Amazon AWS ETL, its architecture, resources, feedback and real time advantages with end users along with other parts of discussion given by competitors. Thus the Amazon Glue Service Framework is divided intro three broad aspects. Building the Data Catalog, Generating and editing Transformations and finally scheduling and running Tasks and Projects.

Well every coin has positive and negative sides but we are sold out on Amazon AWS ETL for many of its applications, data suites and success stories more than comparisons and competitions which is part of every business world and market.

Gartner’s peer insights again rated Amazon Glue with 5 pointers. Four in evaluation and contracting, 5 in Product capabilities, infrastructure and deployment, when they compared them with other big giants in market. Amazon AWS Glue is highly rated for its breadth of services, strong focus on customer requirements and good service market. This proved to increase business revenue along with internal and external interface efficiencies and improved business agility. It is total satisfaction on the Money spent.

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