Here’s the question facing property dealing industry, those who are into renting and buying property business: How to speed up the renting, booking and buying home process the cost-effective, user friendly and remunerative way, taking care of property dealers and people involved? An automated user-friendly software, that’s how.

Whenever we need a place to live, we look out for a house, on rent or buy one. Lot of filters for good requirement analysis of location, nearby areas, travelling and medical amenities and much more. Thereby we need a user-friendly interface, which can make this search an innovative experience with a simple drag and drop options and modules to bring about best relative search results.

What is Rent App?

Rent App is a platform that makes searching for an apartment or property on rent an easy process. The ease of renting and buying a property is quick and easy with this well adaptive, agile mobile app. The challenges faced by property industry were looked upon with various analytics to develop a solution that encompasses renting, payment, billing along with quick downloading of relevant and most appropriate search results.

Rent-App Features

Property owners can login with their respective Ids and update their information including clients, distributed properties, customers, suppliers, intermediary, staff and other details.

Proper schedule for rent payment, charges, extra payments that needs to be followed with timelines and their respective notifications as reminders to both the owners and tenants.

Billing and receiving rents for the respective properties can be done through the app. Also for this very purpose, a secure banking system, bank account of owner is connected to respected property of the rentees residence so that the rent could be directly paid without any confusion.

An owner account to be created before leasing out or renting any property space.

Say no to renting and buying confusions and yes to Rent App. Our product team would be happy to help you with your queries.