Rent App

Rent App is a platform that makes searching for an apartment or property on rent an easy process.

Rent App Overview

Here’s the question facing property dealing industry, those who are into renting and buying property business: How to speed up the renting, booking and buying home process the cost-effective, user friendly and remunerative way, taking care of property dealers and people involved? An automated user-friendly software, that’s how. Whenever we need a place to live, we look out for a house, on rent or buy one. Lot of filters for good requirement analysis of location, nearby areas, travelling and medical amenities and much more. Thereby we need a user-friendly interface, which can make this search an innovative experience with a simple drag and drop options and modules to bring about best relative search results.

RPA Services

What is Rent App?

Rent App is a platform that makes searching for an apartment or property on rent an easy process. The ease of renting and buying a property is quick and easy with this well adaptive, agile mobile app. The challenges faced by property industry were looked upon with various analytics to develop a solution that encompasses renting, payment, billing along with quick downloading of relevant and most appropriate search results.


RPA Services

Property owners can login with their respective Ids and update their information including clients, distributed properties, customers, suppliers, intermediary, staff and other details.

RPA Services

Proper schedule for rent payment, charges, extra payments that needs to be followed with timelines and their respective notifications as reminders to both the owners and tenants.

RPA Services

Billing and receiving rents for the respective properties can be done through the app. Also for this very purpose, a secure banking system, bank account of owner is connected to respected property of the rentees residence so that the rent could be directly paid without any confusion.

RPA Services

An owner account to be created before leasing out or renting any property space.


What our clients says

Joe Dubois

IT manager

Team at Webuters is a pleasure to work with. This project of our is a big success because of the skills and knowledge the team had. They were always prompt at giving response, quick to suggest a solution, and had a plan for every stage of project. We were very pleased with their way of working and the work as well. Skype communication and regular updates were very effective. A big Thank You!

David Keys

Company CEO

We are very glad to have found Webuters Technologies as our offshore development partner. During this business relationship, Webuters Technologies has developed a great understanding of organizational vision and business workflows and has found a way to effectively complement our business operations without impacting the running process.

John Haran

Managing Director

We are very pleased with the project management skills of Webuters Technologies. They make an honest, skilled and decent team of people with the utmost work ethic. Their quick response, fast turnaround time and highest work quality are what you get with every project.

Bill Cohnac


We've been working together with Webuters Technologies for over 5 years now, what makes this an on-going relationship is their attention to detail, their expertise, knowledge, and availability to deliver the work on time according to requirements. They are efficient and use best practices in their development work. The quality of coding has always been very high. I would highly recommend them.

Thomas White

IT Manager

Webuters Technologies delivered amazingly smooth running iOS and Android applications for my business. The apps met my requirements, both graphically and technically. I chose Webuters because they showed great interest, had a clear plan for the project, and had the required skills. Despite of the different time-zones between Australia and Asia, I always got a prompt response from the team. Webuters has been highly professional, and responsive throughout the entire project. I highly recommend their App development services.
Thank you Webuters!



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