Salesforce for Nonprofit: Let Technology Overcome Your Organization’s Lack of Funding & Donations

So, we have all heard about CRM i.e., Customer Relationship Management. And how the demand for CRMs like Salesforce has […]

So, we have all heard about CRM i.e., Customer Relationship Management. And how the demand for CRMs like Salesforce has grown over the decade owing to the fact that it’s software solutions help organizations streamline their data management centrally to bring better services, satisfaction, and retention. As organizations use Salesforce (CRM software) for nonprofits, it becomes imperative for them to make sure that the software adequately manages and controls their activities and operations. This is essentially important because the operations of non-profit organizations are different from those of profit ones.   

Why use CRM/Salesforce for Nonprofits? 

And why not? Because the most common issues that non-profits confront relate to the execution of any campaign, handouts, or plan projects that require funding. The key issue here is locating a financial source. Constantly looking for donations from persons and groups other than government authorities becomes tiresome and time-consuming. 

A non-profit’s work needs to be accessible, organized, transparent, and manageable. And here, Salesforce CRM has played a vital role. Its solutions offer to effectively manage online donations and campaigning easy for businesses. Further, the consolidation of customer interactions across various channels into one place makes it easy for organizations to manage their data centrally to improve customer satisfaction.   

Today, Salesforce has evolved into a comprehensive platform that enables non-profit firms to enhance their influence from anywhere in the world. According to– Salesforce is used by over 40,000 charitable organizations, foundations, and higher education institutions as part of the Power of Us product discount and donation program.  

While according to another survey report on says that over 76% of non-profit organizations have reported that Salesforce has made it easier for them to do their job and overall, making communication more effective, raising more funds, increasing employee performance, providing better programs or services, and engaging strengthening their communities. 

So, why is Salesforce becoming so popular among NGOs?  This article will walk you through the benefits Salesforce provides nonprofits that will help you understand how Salesforce has become one of the most preferred CRM for the non-profits. But before moving on, let us take a quick look at what Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud Software is all about.

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What is Salesforce CRM for Non-profit? 

Salesforce Non-profit Cloud is an extensive platform that helps fundraising organizations, educational institutions, and other non-profits reach more people through digital means. It comes with numerous non-profit solutions for marketing and fundraising. These solutions help organizations enhance their connections with people and streamline their internal management by keeping track of the people they work with.  

Salesforce CRM solutions help in breaking down boundaries between fundraising, program management, and marketing teams. It gives businesses and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) a consolidated view of their current operations and performance.  

Non-profits can use CRM tools to manage and track their revenue streams, inbound funding, and marketing campaigns all in one location. Salesforce for non-profits is a CRM solution that allows contributors, employees, and donors to connect in one place. Non-profit organizations, such as NGOs and Charities, can use Salesforce to run their services and programs, engage their audiences, and successfully manage fundraising programs. Communicating through the CRM platform makes it simple for donors to donate funds or resources directly to the organization.  

Let us now move on to learn how Salesforce can benefit nonprofits.   

Benefits of Salesforce for Nonprofits

CRM for nonprofit

Organizing and Managing Data

A non-profit organization’s major purpose is to collect and analyze information in order to manage to fundraise effectively. It is impossible to achieve the purpose in the best possible way due to a lack of constituents. Email, Google advertisements, messaging, and phone calls are all examples of online channels through which Salesforce Einstein Analytics aids in the capturing of constituent data for efficient operations and service management.    

Moreover, Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud’s built-in capabilities help your non-profit organize its workspaces for everyone involved, in addition to helping you identify clients and leads. With the help of these tools, managing constituent data is done better which aids in identifying contributors, volunteers, and recipients. Data can be acquired based on their activities captured digitally and saved in a database to help non-profits take future initiatives.  

Internal-External Interaction

Employees, donors, and beneficiaries can all be connected through Salesforce. It connects with them using a mobile platform that allows it to provide more personalized services and meaningful fundraising communication. 

Salesforce emphasizes the use of data, analytics, and tools to improve internal-external interaction. Furthermore, these CRM also assists NGOs in acquiring and retaining new donors. With personalized communication through a CRM platform, a large number of donors can generate funds for a specific benefit. It enables unselfish NGOs to reach their objectives more quickly. Nonprofits may also use salesforce to plan events and urge constituents to attend, as well as nurture contributors to return to fundraising if they are able. 

Convenient Fundraising 

It is vital to donate funds to non-profit organizations that are innovative in order for their missions to continue to function. This time-consuming strategy includes marketing to create awareness and encourage contributors to donate. 

Nonprofits can use Salesforce products to achieve all of their objectives on a single platform. Using the CRM platform, non-profits can host a number of small online events with fundraising goals. A CRM tool enables businesses to run more events in less time and in a budget-friendly way. They are not required to go to the contributors’ houses for assistance in raising funds. Using this platform, they may simply accomplish their fundraising target and take the necessary steps to improve their functionality. Salesforce gives donors the ability to share resources and raise funds from anywhere, which helps save time for donors and organizations.  


The ability to customize Salesforce is one of the most compelling reasons for organizations to use it. NGOs can tailor the functionality of the Non-profit cloud software to meet their daily operational needs. Most NGOs, on the other hand, work in the same way; some have different purposes and needs. The customization tools in Salesforce are an added advantage to them in this situation; it allows them to change basic features and capabilities to assist them to reach their specific goals.  


To promote their brands, charitable organizations require marketing. Marketing is a critical step in achieving an organization’s objectives. Non-profit organizations must market themselves in order to recruit volunteers, donors, and other constituencies in order to meet their non-profit objectives, such as fundraising and creating good relationships. However, because there are so many channels available online, operating marketing campaigns without a salesforce is a difficult effort. 

Furthermore, the CRM solutions by Salesforce allow you to execute various campaigns based on geography, budget, and timeframe. Nonprofits must determine which measurements are most appropriate for achieving their goals. 

Non-profits can use a CRM to perform promotional activities in the most appealing manner. Salesforce assists non-profits in increasing brand awareness, acquiring new stakeholders, and establishing long-term partnerships through marketing. People might be motivated to volunteer, donate, and become a member of the organization and serve if they are aware of the brand.  

Provide Support Extensively

Non-profits that use salesforce solutions can provide assistance to their constituents at any time and from any location. With Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud, you get a complete view of your constituents, donors, and more with an open, flexible data architecture. If a client has a technical or functional issue, the salesforce partner program allows them to contact the support team.   

Salesforce offers comprehensive online help as well as clear instructions for discovering improvement opportunities. You can stay in close contact with its support staff through its partner program. This will assist you in easily comprehending dashboards, or functionality because assistance is readily available. They will assist in the acquisition of donors, the identification of actual beneficiaries, and the motivation of volunteers.  

Volunteers, workers, and contributors can use the Salesforce community to secure and connect to view the data. By segmenting data, non-profits can personalize and develop communities.  

Generating Reports

The data gathered from many sources should be organized and stored in one location. Data is constituent information in the context of a non-profit organization. Salesforce tools for report generation are based on interactions and collective data. Advanced capabilities in CRM platforms and automation solutions assist non-profits in producing the finest reports. Non-profits can use reports to see which campaigns are doing well and which channels are effective for campaigns. Non-profits can improve their effectiveness and track which month is ideal for running campaigns by evaluating them. 

Non-profit organizations must maintain track of all donations, event reports, and organizational functions. The new donor can review the report prepared and be inspired to donate with complete confidence.  

Salesforce’s Non-profit Success Pack (NPSP)

The NPSP, according to Salesforce, helps “transform the #1 CRM into the #1 CRM for charities.” The Non-profit Success Pack (NPSP) forms the foundation of non-profit connectivity. 

The Salesforce Non-profit Success Pack (NPSP) combines constituent data with AI-powered donor insights to enable you to accomplish your mission. It assists you in striking the right balance between soliciting funds and volunteers while also achieving the goals set forth in your non-profit’s mission statement. The NPSP connects users and contributors from all around the world, allowing you to benefit from what others have already accomplished. Through Salesforce NPSP, non-profits can also personalize each constituent’s journey. The NPSP lets you connect with funders and others who can help your organization succeed. It is very likely that if you run into a problem, it has already been addressed, fixed, and a solution recorded.  

Wrap Up

When you manage a non-profit organization, you have a direct impact on those that you’re trying to help. Therefore, choosing a software program that is proven to deliver reliable results is a good place to start. With Salesforce for Nonprofits, you can successfully complete your fundraising plans. Salesforce enables non-profits to cultivate relationships, deliver their message, and reach their charitable goals.

Salesforce enables NGOs to collect data from constituents in the most engaging way possible and keep it in a database. Salesforce CRM provides a straightforward and convenient way for non-profits to keep in touch with their constituents. It fosters deep bonds among donors, volunteers, staff, and beneficiaries. Donors can review or verify the non-profit’s data and make a grant from anywhere at any time. Salesforce can help non-profits achieve their objectives and improve the quality of their services.

Make the right choice for your non-profit. Obtain industry best practices by contacting Webuters today. Contact us for detailed consultations and Salesforce solutions.

Contact our consultants today!  and we will help you to devise the perfect budget-friendly strategy for integration that will align with your organization’s current infrastructure.  

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